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Why Decorating Your Studio Yourself is a Disservice to Your Clients

I remember the feeling of success and excitement when I finally reached the point in my photography career where I could get my own studio. Finally, I didn’t have to coordinate with another photographer in a shared space or stress about the conditions and options of a hotel room. It was going to be my space to do with as I please!

Then came the stress of decorating.

If you’ve had your studio for a while, just got one, or are still working towards a studio of your own, I have some advice for you: don’t do the decorating yourself!

Whether you’re hustling or rocking your business, you don’t have the time to find the perfect yet affordable furniture pieces, match them with paint swatches and fabric colors, coordinate the perfect pairing of throw pillows and drapes, or figure out the ideal layout. That’s precious time that should be spent on marketing, networking, photographing, editing, and interacting with clients. You’re wasting your time and stressing yourself out, essentially doing a disservice to your clients.

When I transitioned out of a renting studio space into creating a studio in my basement, I was so worried that my clients would be weirded out by doing the photo shoot in my house. I was nervous they would think I was unprofessional or that they’d feel uncomfortable. Instead, I got more positive feedback and excitement from my clients after the move than before! Why? Because I hired a professional decorator.

My decorator found the perfect pieces and created a cohesive, beautiful, stunning studio space in my basement. Clients were blown away, I was spared the stress of finding the perfect wall color to compliment the hardwood floors, and my pictures actually improved!

Here’s my advice to you: don’t personally decorate your studio. Just don’t! And don’t worry about breaking the bank to hire a professional, because I’ve found the perfect resource for you.

Go check out Havenly. It’s a website where you give an interior decorator the layout of your space and then details about what it’s used for and a general idea you want for it, like colors or themes. Basically, for either $79 or $199 you can have someone design your studio for you. All you have to do is take measurements of your space, tell them what it’s used for, tell them what you’re hoping to get out of it, and they will literally design your space for you. Then, you can give feedback or approve it. They give you two or four different rounds of revisions. Then, once it’s decided upon, they actually give you a 3D mockup of all the different pieces in your studio space, like chairs, the bed, rugs, all of it. You can either purchase the exact pieces recommended through the site or find similar pieces elsewhere. I bought about 50% of my pieces through Havenly, then the other 50% through Wayfair. This is a really affordable way to have a knockout studio and save you so much time.

Why Decorating Your Studio Yourself if a Disservice to Your Clients

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