How to revive a cold or “dead” email list

Now, I know that you’ve all heard, “You need an email list.” And you do need an email list. But I’m sure a lot of you are sitting on an email list that you haven’t messaged in a while or you did it a while ago and you just fell out of touch with those people or you gathered their emails but you never sent them an email or something like that. Honestly, you guys, the very best thing for you to do is to send them an open, honest, story-based email.

What I would do is say, “Hey. [Insert name here.]” “Just a reminder that you’re on this email list because of X, Y, Z,” (like, “because you are a photo client,” or, “because you were at such and such event,” or whatever that is.) Look. I decided-” – And don’t say anything negative. Don’t say, “I haven’t been emailing for a while,” or whatever.  – Just say, “I decided that I’m going to start sending weekly,” or daily or monthly or whatever it is you’re going to send, “emails around the topics of X, Y, Z.”

Let me give you an example of this. I would say: “Hey, guys. Molly here. Just a reminder that you’re on this email list because you are a past customer of Molly Marie Photography, and I just wanted to give you a heads up that I’m going to be sending you weekly emails, sharing with you client stories, makeup tips, special promotions we have going on, and I would love for you to stick around because you’re going to get so much out of this. You’re going to learn X, Y, Z. But, if you for some reason don’t want to receive those emails, just go ahead and click the unsubscribe button below.”

Because it’s the first email and you haven’t emailed them in a while, I personally would tell them what they can expect and that, if they don’t want that, to just click the link below. That will avoid you getting a lot of emails of people saying, “Please unsubscribe me,” when you could just tell them, “Hey. The unsubscribe button is below.” Now, you don’t have to tell them that on every single email but especially the first one where you’re finally engaging, and then just say, “This is what you can expect from me.” Come up with a plan for your emails, and that is the best way to go about reviving your email list.

Again, just be truthful, highlight the benefits, talk about what they can expect, how they can stay on the email list, how they can unsubscribe, and that you look forward to chatting with them in the future.

I hope you guys enjoyed this tip on how to revive a cold or a dead email list. Leave the word “revive” below this post if you enjoyed this topic and if you would like more tips like this one!

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