7 Cute Client Thank You Gift Ideas for Photographers

Thank you gift photography clientsSo you have finished adding the final touches to your client’s images, placed their order and are now waiting for their purchase to come in. You’ve followed all my tips for turning your clients into return clients and now you’re on the final step of a gift idea for when they come by to pick up their order.

Don’t let this opportunity to let your business shine pass you by! Client thank you gifts are a great way to not only show them your appreciation, but also a phenomenal way to accentuate your brand, extend your clients’ experience with you, and give them a seamless way of sharing your business with their friends!

As a small business owner, your clients are everything. Without them, you’re not able to pursue your dream of having a photography career that you love! I know you’re so appreciative of their business, so here are 7 client thank you gift ideas for showing your clients some love!

Thank you gift photography clients

1. A Bottle of Wine

Wine is a classic gift that really shows you value their time and the purchase they made with you. This gift not only accentuates your brand and the experience you gave them, but gives them an opportunity to extend that experience over a nice dinner or a social night with their friends.

2. Box of Chocolates with a Personal Thank You

You can’t go wrong with a box of chocolates! Give them a box big enough to share so that they have a reason to talk about your business & their fabulous experience with you! Make sure you add a message like “You’re so sweet!” on one of your Thank You cards from our boutique to add the final seal to their wonderful experience with you!

3. A Thoughtful Thank You note

Sometimes a client really touches you and having the opportunity to work with them was a wonderful gift to you as well. Grab one of your Thank You cards and write them a genuine note about how being of service to them was such a touching experience for you. Connection is important in this industry, and it is important to openly tell those we appreciate how fulfilling they make our careers & our lives.

4. A Spa Gift Kit

Being our muses can sometimes take a lot out of our clients. Show them you care & spoil them with all the tools they need to relax! There are a ton of DIY kits on Pinterest as well as ready-to-go kits like this adorable one from Etsy Store Posh Tangerine.

5. A Good Read

A book is a thoughtful gift and yet another wonderful way to accentuate your brand & extend your clients’ experience with you. If you’re a wedding photographer, give your couples a book about relationships or some date night ideas. If you frequently shoot professional head shots, a business or marketing book could be a great thoughtful gift. If you specialize in boudoir like I do, a book about confidence and self-acceptance makes sense.

6. A “You’re the Bomb” Bath Bomb

Get witty with this cute gift idea. There are tons of DIY bath bomb recipes on Pinterest if you like to get crafty or you can get these gorgeous bath bombs from Etsy store Princess Knows Best. Pair with our customizable “You’re the Bomb” Gift Tags, available in the Business Partner Kit in our Design Boutique to add personalized fun!

Thank you gift photography clients

7. Cute Mug with Coffee or Tea

If you love meeting with your clients at local coffee shops, this is the perfect way to accentuate your brand & extend your clients’ experience to a daily reminder of you. Add a bag of coffee or some tea to get them started on enjoying your gift. Pair your logo with a fun quote or design and your gift will easily become their favorite part of their morning routine!

If none of these ideas speak to you, here are even more quick ideas for client gifts:

  • Fresh flowers
  • A cute piece of jewelry
  • Cookies or cupcakes from a local bakery
  • A gift card for a future order
  • A water bottle with your branding/logo on it

Check out our Design Boutique now for all of the templates you need to gift your photography clients with beautiful items as a “thank you” at the end of their shoot.

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