How to Create Your Signature Move & Stand Out in a Sea of Photographers

I recently got married and had the joy of working with the most amazing wedding photographer. Her photographs and customer service blew me away. On top of that though she surprised my husband and me with something special. I like to refer to it as her “signature move.”


As soon as the photographs from our wedding were ready she dropped off a package for us that we thought would contain a flash drive of our photographs, but to our surprise, it was more than that.


As we opened the package inside we found a wooden box. This wasn’t just any wooden box, it was handmade from her husband from reclaimed wood and had a stamp on the front of her photography studio logo.

When we slid back the wooden lid inside we found matte prints tied with a beautiful ribbon and a wooden flash drive with a bow on the end. It was flawless, matched her branding, and our wedding theme perfectly.

You see, none of this was expected. We had only expected to get a CD of our photographs. We never dreamed we’d be receiving such a beautiful well packaged box of prints alongside a gorgeous wooden flash drive.

As we thumbed through the prints we relived our wedding day. They were tangible, they were there, we were flooded with happy emotions.

This friends, was Christy from Christy Janeczko Photography’s “signature move.”

So how can you create your own signature move?

You will need to examine your photography studio’s brand.

What product or service can you create to be unique to stand out from the pack that also goes along with your brand.

Here are a number of ideas off the top of my head to get you started:

  • team up with a local artist to offer mixed media canvas photo/paint prints
  • offer a photography genre nobody else in your area does (anniversary photos, etc.)
  • deliver all of your client orders in a unique bag
  • offer something complimentary with all of your sessions
  • have somebody on Etsy create a unique product for your product line

The sky’s the limit.

The important thing is to deliver something extraordinary and unique that will set you apart.

So go now and brainstorm some ideas. Remember that you can dream up anything! If it’s not something you can create, you can hire somebody to create it for you.

So now I want to hear from you.

How do you think having a unique product/service could help your business? Comment below!


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