Want to set yourself apart as the boudoir photographer your clients can trust?

A Certified Professional Boudoir Photographer runs a trustworthy, sustainable boudoir photography business in a time of many “fly by night photographers."

CPBPs provide top notch customer service, support to their local community, have unmatched professionalism, respectfulness of your privacy, same day viewing of your images, fast turn around times & have a great reputation with their clients.

It can be difficult to find a photographer you can trust with such an intimate photo shoot but CPBP photographers are taken through an extensive training course & test to prove that they have what it takes to give their clients the best boudoir experience, gorgeous flattering photos of their clients like they’ve never seen before & high end products they will cherish for a lifetime.

CPBPs don’t merely run sustainable boudoir photography businesses, they don’t stop until they’ve empowered every woman in their community with a life changing boudoir photography session.

Certified Professional Boudoir Photographer


If you’re wanting to up-level your photography business, empower more women in your community through boudoir shoots & build a sustainable boudoir photography business, then becoming a CPBP might be the right fit for you.

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