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Why Decorating Your Studio Yourself is a Disservice to Your Clients

I remember the feeling of success and excitement when I finally reached the point in my photography career where I could get my own studio. Finally, I didn’t have to coordinate with another photographer in a shared space or stress about the conditions and options of a hotel room. It was going to be my…

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How To Fix Your Mindset About Sales That’s Losing You Money

What’s up? What’s up? What’s up? Today we’re going to talk about money. Yes, the dreaded green thing that we all think about when we talk about business but fear it’s too taboo to talk about. But we need to talk about it because there are things that many photographers do that lose them money,…

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Is blogging dead? Should you be blogging for your photo biz?

  Is blogging dead? I get this question all the time. “I’m a photographer. Should I blog?” The answer is, honestly, yes! Yes, you should blog. Blogging is not dead, but marketing is always changing, right? So here’s what I want you to do. I want you to blog consistently. So, if that looks like once…

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Do you even know this about yourself?

    I want to ask you a quick question. Do you know that you, yes you, as a photographer, as a business owner right now, are enough? What’s funny is that we tell our clients, “You are enough.” “You don’t need to lose weight. You don’t need to X, Y, Z. You’re ready for…

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Where To Shoot If You Don’t Have A Studio

Where to shoot boudoir photography if you don't have a studio

  Where can I shoot portraits if I don’t have a studio space?! HINT: There’s already tons of free places around you   Want my exact price list, posing guide, resource list and more?! Get my Break into Boudoir Kit, free here:   Want to know when the next show is?   Go to to…

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