How to answer “I can’t afford it” from your photo clients

Today, I want to talk with you how to answer the objection, “I cannot afford it,” because I’m going to go ahead and guess that if you have tried to book shoots before that you have, at some point, had someone say, “Look, I’d really like to do this, but I cannot afford it.” So, I just want to share with you guys some ways to answer this objection to try to turn this back around into a booking.

First of all, you need to focus on the benefits of what they’re getting out of the photo shoot. Make sure they know they’re getting the session, free outfits, the professional hair, professional makeup, same-day viewing and ordering, all of that cool stuff. Really tell them about the highlights. Tell them, “You only have to buy the photos you love. You get to view the photos instantly. You get to have them for a lifetime,” things like that.

The second thing is make sure that they know that you offer payment plans. Make sure that they know that to book a session with you … I personally like to do a $300 session fee, but I like to discount it to $99, and then I like to say to them, “Hey, if you book by midnight tonight, you’ll get $200 off, so it’ll only be $99 to book and get all of this, plus you’ll get $100 credit towards your order at the same-day viewing and ordering, and you only have to purchase the photos that you love.” This way, it kind of answers the objection of if they’re worried that they might not like the photos, because by saying, “I can’t afford it,” it’s usually just an excuse for some other objection that they have that they’re not really telling you.

The other thing is, again, tell them that you offer payment plans. Say, “Look, you only have to buy the ones that you love, and even at that point, we can break it up into a monthly payment option that works for you. We also offer PayPal credit, which is 0% down, 0% interest for six months, and this works in the U.S.A.”

Also, I like to say things like, “Well, how long has that …” or, when someone says to me, “I can’t afford it,” I like to say to them, “Well, how many times have you had to use that as an excuse for things that you really, really want in life? You only get one life, so why not just go for it now, right?” Then I’ll tell them, “It’s never going to be a better deal. There’s never going to be a better time.” You know what I mean?

I will also tell them: “There’s never going to be a better time. There’s never going to be a better price.” And they don’t need to lose weight or anything like that, if that’s maybe their objection as well, because I’m going to make them look and feel their best, and then I’ll highlight it with client testimonials and things like that as well.

That was actually more than one answer to this objection, because when someone says, “I can’t afford it,” it really means they have, probably, other objections. You kind of have to read the room and see what that is to give one of the answers that I shared with you guys.

I really hope that you guys found this helpful. Comment the word “objection” below if you enjoyed this and want more tips on addressing other typical sales objections.

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