Can Males Be Boudoir Photographers?

I wanted to answer this question that I got a lot today, and that is: Can males be boudoir photographers? The answer is heck yes, they can be! Instead of me sitting here and telling you up and down about why you can be a male boudoir photographer, I’m just going to share with you a couple stories.

I know offhand at least ten to twenty students who have gone through my different camps and have created successful boudoir businesses.  That’s saying a lot because it is mostly women in the boudoir industry.  But, don’t let that discourage you. Look at that as a benefit. You already stand way out. I’ve talked to these male students that I have  about how they book and stand out against the women.

They say, “Really it’s sort of a benefit because some people want the male’s perspective.” That’s how they market it. They say, “Listen, if you want a man’s perspective, to know what a man likes, things like that.” Then from there, it’s all about comfort.  They might tell them, “I have my assistant who comes with me. My wife thinks what I do is awesome and encourages women, and she loves it.” Then, just really paint the picture that you are someone like any photographer. You’re trustworthy. They can be comfortable in front of you. You have to build that know, like and trust factor. So yes, men can be boudoir photographers.  All you have to do is just build that know, like and trust factor, and then highlight the reasons why people should go with a man versus a woman. Let that be your thing that helps you stand out.

I hope you guys enjoyed this. Comment below with a thumbs up or a cool emoji if you enjoyed this video, and tag any friends that you have to encourage them and say, “Heck yes, you can do boudoir as a male.”

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Molly Keyser

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