Photographers: How to Build Your Email List

I want to talk with you about how to build your email list.

Photographers, if you’re wondering how to build your email list, this is for you. I wrote down three ways, and this is having in mind someone who maybe doesn’t have an email list at all yet.

Three different ways to build your Email List:

Number one is to create a freebie of some kind. What that means is a free PDF where people put in their name and email and you automatically email them the PDF, and then you get their information to have on your email list. Now, for this I use my Dream Shoot Planner. Also, the contact form on my website is actually an opt-in form, so when people contact me they’re actually opting in to my email list and receiving automated emails that way, because all of our emails that we send people who inquire are really repetitive. People always ask the same questions. They want more details and they want pricing, so we automated that process so people can actually book automatically. That’s one way that I’m building my list is through the freebie, and then also turning my contact form into a opt-in form, which I guess is two tips, but that’s tip number one.

Tip number two is adding people from trade shows, so if you can attend a trade show or a women’s night out or some kind of event that you can have a table at, a lot of times those events will actually give you the list of people who attend. It’ll give you their name and their email address, and you can actually add them to your email database. That is number two, and also shows are really great for getting bookings as well. I teach a lot about that in marketing camp, so you definitely want to check that out.

Tip number three is to add your past clients. Like I said, this is for people who maybe don’t have an email list at all. Add your past clients. Add people from your ShootQ, HoneyBook, Tave, whatever software you use, add them to your email list so you can start giving value and getting the word out about how awesome your email list is.

I hope you guys enjoyed these tips. If you did, please comment the word list below this video to signify that you are going to take action on this, and you enjoyed this tip.