Bring in New Boudoir Photography Clients with this Easy to Follow Giveaway System

Are you wanting to spread the word about your Boudoir Photography services?

There are always events, auctions, fundraisers, expos, ladies night’s out, etc…

going on and coordinators are looking for door prizes, giveaways, and auction items from area businesses.

Sure, you want to participate, but you don’t want to work for free either, right? There are a couple of key pieces to a perfect giveaway that will bring in new boudoir clients- presentation, contents, expectation, and where to share it!


Who is excited about winning a piece of paper, that says what they won? No one.

A lot of times, door prizes and giveaways are sitting out on a table for attendees to peruse them. The trick is to make your prize look pretty and make it represent your branding.

This does NOT need to be expensive. I purchased simple black bags and yellow tissue paper through Uline. They have amazing prices on bulk purchases, so you’ll be able to do a ton of materials for giveaways for very little money! You can also design simple logo stickers and have them printed through VistaPrint. This is fairly inexpensive, and it adds a lot to the presentation!


get_more_nourished_sara_hefty20Just because someone wins your giveaway does not mean they will book a shoot. That is why you need to pay attention to what you’re giving away and the info you’re providing them. It needs to be enticing so that they will WANT to book with you.

Inside each gift bag I put a brochure that outlines my services. The brochure includes pictures, link to an info video, and contact information. If brochures aren’t in your budget yet, then make sure the actual gift card has a URL for your website/Facebook page and the proper contact information. You want potential clients to find your website easily!

For the gift card, I designed mine to double as a postcard and printed it through Gotprint. The actual gift you include depends on your studio, services, and pricing.

Since we’re a high volume boudoir studio we include a gift card for a complimentary shoot, hair/makeup services, and a $100 credit.

This gets lots of ladies through our doors, takes down objection barriers, gives us a chance to wow them, and up-sell on their final product purchase.


Regardless what the actual gift is for, you need to be clear what is included with the gift card.

More importantly when somebody calls you to redeem their gift card make sure you’re treating them like any other inquiry. Don’t think that since you included the brochure, that they read it. Be sure to outline everything, how it works, what your prices are etc.

This will save you lots of headaches and make for the best shoot possible.

Where to Share Your Giveaway?

-Open Houses for local businesses

-Ladies Nights’

-Charity Events





This giveaway system has brought a lot of women through my¬†studio doors. Many of which said they wouldn’t have otherwise. There’s something about “winning” the shoot that makes it easier. I think a lot of women are afraid to spend money on themselves, take time for themselves, or think other people will think they’re stuck up if they do a boudoir shoot (I know, sounds crazy but I’ve heard it from several women in my area).


This is why giveaways work SO well for getting boudoir clients!

Last year I attended health expo/dinner and I put our giveaway bags in the center of every table. We then put one post it note under one chair at each table.

At the end of the night I had the DJ announce for all the women to look under their chairs to see who had won! Women were laughing, flipping over their chairs, jumping for excitement, it was AWESOME!

My studio booked over 10 shoots that night!

I love this marketing strategy and I hope you do too.

Ready to have women jumping up with excitement over YOUR marketing and YOUR boudoir business? (And book new clients!!) Get those bags put together and start meeting your ideal client where they’re at. Check out my post on How To Find The RIGHT Boudoir Clients.

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