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12 Top Boudoir Studios: Take a Peek Inside Our Studios for Inspiration

Welcome to our celebration of the best boudoir studios from all around the globe!

It’s time for a little inspiration today!  Let’s take a look at some awesome studios to give us all some boudoir studio inspiration! Don’t worry: if you don’t have a studio, you can still incorporate these ideas anywhere you shoot and into your office for your in-person sales. These may even make you realize you could turn that spare bedroom in your house into your studio!

…starting with my own studio.  I used to have a commercial studio space and I loved it, but when we bought our home, I had all this room in my basement that we weren’t using so I decided to move my studio into my home!  It was the best move I’ve ever made for my boudoir business. Even though I don’t have as much room as I used to in my commercial space, I love working from home and I don’t have to worry about asking a landlord for permission to make changes. Plus the money I’m saving is out of this world.

(When you see a studio you like, just hover on the photo and click the “pin it” button in the cover to save it to one of your boards for inspiration later!)

Molly Marie Photography

25 Best Boudoir Studios from @boudieshorts (My favorite studio is @mollymariephotography)

Brooke Summer Photography

Brooke told me that her studio took some time to find, but was worth the wait! Sometimes the best spaces aren’t available right away. It is usually better to wait for a space you love and shoot in hotels, outdoors, at clients’ homes, etc. while you wait for the right place for you to come on the market. (This post can help you figure out where to shoot if you don’t have a commercial studio space.)

Brook wanted something that wasn’t commercial feeling, but rather cozy and comfortable. I think she hit the mark!
25 Best Boudoir Studios from @boudieshorts (My favorite studio is @brookesummerphotography)

Life As Fine Art – Cate Scaglione

Years ago, Cate had a gorgeous studio in an epic setting, but due to unforeseen circumstances, she had to leave. It made her realize that a great environment is an important element of her photography and the kind of customer experience she wanted to provide. While looking for her new studio space, she came across an old church that had construction being done on it. She met with the developer (who also specializes in green spaces, and the loft of the church would become loft spaces) and she signed the contract on this beautiful space. Not only did she have a hand in how she wanted the space laid out so it was customized to her liking, everything in the space, right down to her furniture is reclaimed or sustainable.
25 Best Boudoir Studios from @boudieshorts (My favorite studio is @lifeasfineart)

Fearless Boudoir

This elegant, feminine studio is beautiful. The white walls and dark floors are a nice contrast and elements of color can be added easily. Having a neutral space like this is perfect for making sure that every shoot can be fully customized for your individual client.
25 Best Boudoir Studios from @boudieshorts (My favorite studio is @fearlessboudoir)

Felix and Sara Photography

This husband and wife team have a beautiful 700 square foot studio in a converted mill building just outside of Boston dating back to the 19th century. When they were searching for a studio space, they fell in love with the exposed brick, gigantic windows and the amazingly preserved hardwood floors. Their studio, and how they’ve designed it, is a huge part of their brand identity.
25 Best Boudoir Studios from @boudieshorts (My favorite studio is @felixandsara)

Modern Luxe Studios

This amazing studio is only about 200 square feet, proving that you don’t need a huge space to be a successful boudoir photographer. It is in a building that has other rented offices, and is above a nightclub in a trendy neighborhood (Lakewood,OH). This photographer took her $1000 budget and transformed this space to make it look like a million bucks! So, if you have a very small budget, don’t worry – you can still have an upscale space your clients will love.
25 Best Boudoir Studios from @boudieshorts (My favorite studio is @modernluxestudios)

Jamie Strehlow Photography

Jamie has taken her large one-room studio and has sectioned it off into different areas she can shoot and do her sales. Her elegant touches keep things simple and chic.
25 Best Boudoir Studios from @boudieshorts (My favorite studio is @jamiestrehlowphotography)

MandeeMary Boudoir

This gorgeous studio that is located in the heart of Virginia Beach has a shooting room, a makeup and hair station, and an unveiling room. It has come a long way from an ugly office building with blue carpets. With the help of her husband and friends, Mandee was able to transform this space into her dream studio after being an active duty member in the armed forces.
25 Best Boudoir Studios from @boudieshorts (My favorite studio is @mandeemaryboudoir)

Opie Beauty & Boudoir Photography

This spacious studio is definitely one to drool over! Opie has taken her studio and totally transformed it into a beautiful space for her and her clients. She has many areas to shoot her clients, which provides many options for her boudoir clients. If you can give your clients more options, they’ll talk themselves into buying larger packages.
25 Best Boudoir Studios from @boudieshorts (My favorite studio is @opiephoto)

The Lacy Lens

Krisandra has taken a workshop/garage at her home and turned it into her fabulous studio. Think outside the box when it comes to your studio – even a space like a garage can be completely transformed. Her clients like that she can provide several different scenes and props during their sessions.
25 Best Boudoir Studios from @boudieshorts (My favorite studio is @thelacylens)

Renee Lee Boudoir

This simple and sweet boudoir studio is so pretty! Renee can use her boudoir set up in many different ways for her clients, proving that you don’t need several different permanent sets to make it work. You just need to think about how a single set can be transformed with different props, outfits, etc.
25 Best Boudoir Studios from @boudieshorts (My favorite studio is @reneeleeboudoir)

Caitlyn Bom Photography

I absolutely love the colors Caitlyn has used in her studio! She has a nice mix of hard and soft textures scattered throughout her studio, which is very inviting. The large windows are a huge asset to her studio for beautiful natural light.
25 Best Boudoir Studios from @boudieshorts (My favorite studio is @reneeleeboudoir)

And those ladies and gentlemen are our top boudoir studio inspirations! (Please note that all photographs are shared with permission)

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Feel free to share your own studio images with us too! Leave a comment with a picture showing your studio

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