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Why you need a boudoir questionnaire and what it should cover

You may want to ask yourself (if you even have one): Is your boudoir questionnaire good enough? Are you educating your client enough before their photo shoot? As we all know, it’s much easier to make decisions when you don’t have a confused mind. It’s also much easier to plan and show up your photo shoot relaxed and knowing what exactly you can expect.

Have you had a client recently ask you any of the following questions: When will you be done, I need to be home in time for such and such? Or have you had them say they don’t understand the prices, how much does it cost,  or have you had them show up with too little or too many outfits? These are all signs that your client is not well educated.

It seems the majority of photographers try to educate their clients by sending them lengthy emails, messages or linking to information on their website. The for realsy reals truth though, they. will. not. read. it.

A good questionnaire makes educating you clients fun. Inside of reading a lengthy email they are simply reading and answering a series of questions without even knowing you’re educating them in the process. Let’s face it we’re women. We’d much rather write about ourselves in a form then read a lengthy email 😉

Things you can AVOID with a great Boudoir Questionnaire:

  • poor wardrobe choices
  • pricing confusion
  • not knowing your business policies
  • not having any knowledge when the viewing is
  • general confusion of how to prepare

Things you can ACHIEVE with the good questionnaire are:


  • a clear understanding of  the shoot timeline
  • clear understanding of pricing options
  • how many outfits they should bring
  • knowing exactly how the viewing works
  • a relaxed mind for their arrival
  • an educated client = great sale
  • you both leave the shoot happy and with fulfilled hearts!

In addition to the questionnaire being able to well educate your client, you will also be able to use this to get to know your client and understand the vision they have for their photo shoot! Become clear on their expectations and then learn how you can exceed those expectations. Get a better understanding of the level they’re expecting, and then go one step further.

The questionnaire I created for my business is the number one tool I use in educating my clients. I was getting so frustrated when clients would ask me tons of questions to things I had already addressed with them several times. I sat down, made a list of the questions I get asked most frequently, formatted them into questions with answer options and made it into a questionnaire. Over time and through trial/error I’ve tweaked it to get it perfect. I hardly ever get an email from a client who has booked now, asking me questions. I use the questionnaire as an incentive for them to book that way they know they’re getting it asap after booking. I’m also building up the excitement around it which is super important in making sure they fill it out asap.

I have so much insight about how to use questionnaires to get rid of your client confusion, over abundance of emails and low sale woes that I could talk about this for days! I have had so many boudoir photographers complain time and time again about these same woes. I heard what you guys said and I made my questionnaire along with audio bits on HOW to use it which I have made available for download. I also made a bonus Survey Template and audio that teaches you how to get raving reviews from every client you photograph!

If you’re ready to address these problems head on and start getting rid of client confusing, cutting down on inbox questions and raise your average sale then check out the Boudoir Client Questionnaire Packet here.

So… what questions do you have on how to use questionnaires in your boudoir photography business? Just comment below!

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