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14 Killer Resources for Improving your Photo Biz in 2014

One key to growing and improving your business is surrounding yourself with new knowledge, and brilliant minds…

Imagine surrounding yourself with cake and how that would make you more likely to eat cake 😉 The same thing applies to your business. This is why I always surround myself with positive, motivating, creative, and inspiring people. I also do the same with the blogs that I subscribe to.  I want the blogs/e-newsletters that come to my inbox to inspire me just as much as creative individuals around me.

Below I’ve compiled a list of 14 Killer Resources for Improving your Photo Biz in 2014. These resources offer loads of education and inspiration. Be sure to look through the list, check out the resources, and subscribe (or bookmark) to the ones that interest you. Once you’re subscribed you’ll get weekly or monthly (depending on the blog) emails containing super helpful photo biz info to keep you super motivated in 2014!

1. Boudie Marketing Camp

Boudie Marketing Camp is a 4-week online marketing course for boudoir photographers. Molly Marie of Boudie Shorts created this course and it will be opening up soon for limited seat enrollment. If you’d like to receive free exclusive boudoir marketing tips and be alerted as to when the limited seats course opens for enrollment check it out for more info and to sign up here.

2. The Law Tog

The Law Tog aka Rachel Brenke is FULL of fresh ideas for photographers. Her blog specializes in law, contracts, and advice for photographers but it doesn’t stop there. She also writes a lot about marketing, business, social media, and what’s current in the photo-sphere. If you haven’t subscribed to Rachel’s blog “The Law Tog” I would highly recommend it! She even has a free e-guide you will receive when you sign up. You can sign up and find out more here.

3. The Modern Tog

The Modern Tog is an educational blog for photographers. Not only are the blog posts super informative but she also sends emails with equally as informative information that you can’t get anywhere else. I would say her blog focuses mostly on marketing. My favorite part about The Modern Tog is that she writes from the heart. In every blog post there is something newly tangible that you can put into play for your business right away. You can sign up and find out more here.

Her Marketing Course for Photographers “Marketog” is now open for enrollment too (ends Jan 5th 2014) ! Check it out here!

4. Creative Live

Creative Live has changed the photography industry as far as education is concerned. You can now watch world renounced instructors teach full 1-3 day courses LIVE for FREE. No joke. Their courses range from photographer, to health, to business, and more.

5. Boudie Camp

Boudie Camp is a website hosting 4 separate online workshops for boudoir photographers. Each camp covers a different topic so you can focus on one specific topic or work on all of them as well. For more info and for a free e-guide you can sign up for free at

6. Chic Critique

I love this site! I always leave so inspired after reading their magazines online! They also have a forum where you can chat with other photographers, get free template downloads, freebie Friday’s, quarterly marketing kits, etc. You can subscribe for a month or longer chunks of time. The best part is the 10 day FREE TRIAL, try it out free now here.

7. Fstoppers

If you’re a newbie or looking to learn more about any aspect of business or photography you will love this blog! Their blog posts aren’t lengthy and many of them contain super helpful videos!

8. Brand Camp

If you want to surround yourself with brilliant marketing/branding minds, look no further. The knowledge shared in this blog is great but what’s even better is her enticing style of writing. It won’t be long before you’re sucked into reading this blog for hours and taking notes 🙂

9. SEO for Photographers

SEO is majorly important for your website and your business. This blog is not to be missed. The advice given throughout this blog and the e-books sold are unmatched. There is also advice aside from SEO (search engine optimization) but that is my personal favorite part of the blog and it has helped my business a ton. Check out more about this blog here.

10. The Photo Life

The photo life is a blog run by shootq. Even if you’re not a client of shootq though the blog is still great and super helpful! The blog isn’t just one writer, it’s made up of many blog posts from other well known photographers.

11. Prosper Summit for Photographers

Kelli France, Nate Grahek, Zach Prez, Joy Vertz, Leah Rimillet, me (hehe), and many others come together for WEEKS of free live juicy education via teleseminar! This is totally free so be sure to sign up now here!

12. Seniors Ignite

Peace and Popsicles? If you don’t know what I’m referring to then you obviously haven’t checked out senior’s ignite yet! Even if you’re not a senior portrait photographer you MUST check out Senior’s Ignite! Jen has a facebook, blog, youtube channel and more sharing loads of info online! Her brilliant marketing strategies can be utilized in many photography avenues to make your business a booked solid success.

13. Joy Vertz

Joy owns two super successful photography studios in Wisconsin, she’s brilliant really. Her blog focuses on pricing for profit which is SOOOO important. How many times can I tell you guys you can’t pull pricing out of a hat or copy somebody else before you’ll believe me? 😉 Be sure to check out Joy’s super smart pricing strategies on her blog!

14. Psychology for Photographers

Psychology for Photographer’s is just that. Jenika’s blog will help you to understand the thought process behind your clients actions and how you can turn it around to make your business a perfect fit for your ideal client. Ever wonder WHY clients buy what they buy? Ever wonder why they don’t book with you? Jenika will tell you everything in her genius blog and captivating writing.

Phew, that’s the top 14 killer resources for your business in 2014! Be sure to PIN THIS POST so that you can come back to it when you need more inspiration. Also be sure to subscribe to the resources mentioned in this list so you can surround yourself with smart biz people (and not cake, remember).

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