What a Creeper Client Taught me About First Impressions

You’re going to have to bear with me…

Because I’m cracking up over here!

I literally can’t stop laughing, because I was just talking to someone about my best and worst clients of all time, and it reminded me of this one client I had, back in the day!

Weirdest experience ever!

At the time, I had a studio assistant who handled most of my incoming inquiries, since I didn’t have any kind of automated system set up at the time, and this email comes into the studio email and… all it says is:

Illusion of Nude Boudoir Photography“Do you guys do nudes?”

No background, nothing, just the question and it was signed with a guy’s name.

Honestly, we thought about just ignoring it, because it was kind of a creepy message to get, but I talked to my assistant and she emailed him back, explaining that no, we don’t do nudes, but we do tasteful illusion of nude, etc. I thought that would probably be the end of it…

But he emailed me every few weeks with more questions! They were always completely random.

It actually got to the point where we were looking forward to what he was going to say next, because his emails were so weird!

Then, finally, after emailing back and forth for a couple weeks, he told us that he wanted to book a shoot for his wife. He paid the deposit right away, and continued to email us questions.

Could he watch the shoot…

Did I like his outfit ideas…

You get the picture. It was so strange to have the husband be so involved, and he seemed like a total weirdo. My assistant and I were actually a little leery of him coming anywhere near our studio, but my gut told me to do it and that it might lead to a killer sale.

Gorgeous Large Boudoir Photography Canvas

They showed up right on time for the shoot, and not only was his wife lovely, but the “weird guy” who had spent months email me was a total sweetheart!

He was by far one of the most supportive significant others I’ve ever met, and he made my job so much easier, because he spent the entire shoot complimenting his wife and making her feel comfortable.

And yes, they did make a large purchase afterward. My gut was right on that one!

Actually, as they were paying, the subject of emails came up, and his wife even said to us, “Oh, did he send you a bunch of weird emails?” We all had a huge laugh about it!

Apparently, that’s really normal for him.

He just doesn’t know how to write emails well, and it has gotten him in trouble in the past because people think that he is creepy or spamming them!

I’m still cracking up just thinking about all of those weird messages I got from him.

Now here’s the lesson in this story that I want you to take away: Your messaging is super important.

If you are like this guy, you might be giving off the wrong impression to people and not even know it. That mistake could be costing you dozens or even hundreds of clients!

This is especially important for male boudoir photographers, because some women might already be wary of shooting with a guy.

But it’s important for everyone.

A boudoir photography shoot is such an intimate experience… you want every client to 100% know that she will feel comfortable during her shoot.

I used to get this really wrong.

I used to think… “My portfolio speaks for itself, what does it matter if they like me?”

Because I had that mindset, a lot of the women who booked with me were really nervous about their shoots. I got cancellations all the time. I even used to get several no-shows per year… they’d book, but then just never show up.

Now, cancellations and no-shows are great from the perspective that they already paid their booking fee and it’s non-refundable… but I can’t survive on that, no one can. We need clients to purchase our big packages!

This is exactly why “messaging” is a key topic in Boudoir Marketing Camp. It is SO important, but SO easy to get wrong.

I’m going to walk you through it, so that you’re speaking to your ideal client and putting your best foot forward every single time you interact with a potential client.

In person, online, it doesn’t matter. Your messaging needs to be consistent, and your personality needs to shine through.

If you get your messaging right, you will instantly get more bookings…

An online Boudoir Workshop for Photographers!

…PLUS as an added bonus, those bookings will be more excited to shoot with you, and less likely to reschedule or cancel due to nerves.

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