Boudoir Certified Sneak Peek Lesson – Shoot Workflow

Want a sneak peek inside of our flagship program, Boudoir Certified?

Here’s what this video covers:

  • Why have a Shoot Day Workflow?
  • Detailed Shoot Timeline Example
  • How to Greet Them When They Arrive
  • Sign Contract
  • Show Prices/Products
  • Choose Outfits
  • Shoot Atmosphere
  • What should you have in your shooting space?
  • How to Shoot in 15-Min Bursts
  • What to Talk About During the Shoot
  • What is Shooting for the Sale
  • Shooting for Wall Art
  • Shooting for the High-End Album
  • Getting Them to Visualize Their Purchase
  • Seeding the Next Photoshoot
  • What’s Next?



Boudoir Certified Program:

This video is just 1 lesson from our 8 module, 40+ lesson program, Boudoir Certified.

Boudoir Certified is not your usual online course where you enroll and our left to complete the course on your own.

Along with the program comes: multi times a week group coaching (Q&A) calls, a 2-day live event (where you get to learn more & connect with fellow students), a test to take at the end of the program which once you pass you will become a “Certified Professional Boudoir Photographer,” results coaches you can reach out to at anytime to help you through the program and ensure you’re getting results, monthly “Boudie Talk” trainings lead by students & much more.

If you’d like a complimentary 1:1 30 minute strategy session with a Boudoir Strategy Coach to figure out what are the next steps to take to book more boudoir client, make more in your business & take better photos then go to: and follow the steps to apply & choose a date/time that you prefer for your call. 

We’re eager to chat with you & help you reach your goals!


Certified Professional Boudoir Phoographers from our Boudoir Certified program


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