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Why My High School Self Was Smarter Than My Almost 30 Year Old Self

Why My High School Self Was Smarter Than My Almost 30 Year Old SelfIt’s true, I’ll admit it, my high school self was smarter than my almost 30 year old self in many ways.

#1 being that my high school self, quite frankly, didn’t give a fuck.

Ignorance truly is bliss. But not giving a fuck what others think is empowering.

Somewhere through the years of adulting and growing a few businesses I had lost my “no fucks given” self a bit.

When you own a business there is a lot of pleasing your clients, dressing professional, being “professional” (or what society tells you is professional) in general and in the beginning I did all of that to a T.

I mean that’s how you grow a business after all. Judgement is a real thing and people do it every single day.

People would rather hire the photographer dressed in the latest J Crew then my yoga pant birkenstock wearing self (or maybe not, keep reading).

But somewhere in years and years of people pleasing I woke up one day and was like WHO AM I?!

And that’s not a great feeling.

About two years ago I announced to myself (I know funny right?) that from here on out I was going to be myself and never apologize for it.

Why My High School Self Was Smarter Than My Almost 30 Year Old Self

In business, online, in life, to my family – everywhere.

And you know what happened? I’m a hell of a lot happier!

I’m not going to lie clients seeing me around town wearing burks, a baseball cap & ripped jeans is a shock to them at first because I used to dress how I thought my clients wanted me too.

And revealing to our families that Aaron and I don’t want kids – feels good to get it out there.

Being myself also means going against a lot of societal norms.

Why My High School Self Was Smarter Than My Almost 30 Year Old Self

For example.

I was recently asked to partake in an article where I would answer questions and they would publish it – it was business based.

One of the questions though took me by surprise.

The question was something along the lines of “How has God played a role in your business.”

Now here’s something that might shock you – but I’m going to go for it because like I said I made a pact to myself to be 100% me.

I’m not religious.

So to answer that article I just answered it super vague and didn’t say one thing one way or another.

And you know what happened? They didn’t publish the article. Nor would they have if I had said I wasn’t religious.

Some BS right?

Now I’m not sharing this story to get you down but to rather show you that even though being yourself might come at a cost to some opportunities it will overall be better in the long run.

Trust me I was hung up about this article for a long time. But then I saw it from a different perspective. I don’t need to please everyone and I’m now 100% ok with that (hell writing this article won’t make 100% of the people who read it want to be friends with me haha!)

You won’t have to try to avoid saying certain things all day, you won’t dress yourself based on what other people will think, your will connect with more like minded people, you will attract more customers who “get you” & you will overall be happier.

And who doesn’t want to be happier?

Why My High School Self Was Smarter Than My Almost 30 Year Old Self

On a good note showing up to my shoots barefoot, my meetings in hoodies & being myself 100% has got me…

…solid friendships, amazing clients (who have turned into friends), true fans & an overall happier life.

So to my high school/college self I will say this. I lost myself along the way trying to grow my business and I can’t get those years back. But what I can do is focus from here on out to always be 100% me.

And isn’t that what I preach to my clients?! That you’re enough. You’re perfect as you are. To be yourself & be unapologetic for it.

I’m glad I started to take that advice and truly believe it.

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What is one way you practice what you preach to your boudoir clients?

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