How Did a Small-Town Wedding Photographer
Grow a Thriving Boudoir Photography Business
That Consistently Earns 6 Figures Every Year?

Hey there, 

I’m Molly Marie, and if you’re interested in starting and building a profitable boudoir business WITHOUT spending every waking moment working…you are in the right place!

I started my photography business 8 years ago with just 81 cents to my name. I knew I wanted a job doing what I loved. Don’t we all? We all want to love waking up in the morning.

What I didn’t know… was that owning a wedding and family photography business would make me start to hate photography. I was burned out…and wondering if my growing business was really worth it. Because I was missing out on life.

Instead of enjoying my weekends, I was spending my time photographing brides or chasing after children. It was exhausting and taking a toll on my health, relationships, and mood.

I became determined to change that.

And then... I stumbled onto this whole “boudoir thing”…and I LOVED it. I began to think...

"What if I did boudoir full time?"

"What if I could support myself shooting the type of photography I love? What If I could get my life back without giving up my business?

Fast forward to today… 

This past year I was able to attend all my family functions. I traveled to Las Vegas, Idaho, Florida, Switzerland, and Greece. I also took a two week vacation for Christmas, and I have a 3-week vacation coming up to tour France.

And I do it all while I watch my bank account grow.

If you’re feeling overworked, like you’re not spending enough of your time on other important things outside of work, it’s time to change your life.

I went from shooting every day and weekends to shooting twice a week yet profiting twice as much as I was before. 

I'm not telling you this to brag.

I'm telling you this to show you that it is possible to set up a profitable boudoir photography business.

Whether you’re a brand new business owner or have been shooting for years and are simply ready to make the change to boudoir, I can help you grow a business you love.:)

So…how did I do it all?

How did I organize a successful BOUDOIR business, that makes six figures annually, even in a small town in Wisconsin?


Boudoir Business Camp
"My Exact Process for Growing a Thriving Business"

Boudoir Business 101 Camp is a 4-week online course that teaches everything you need to know to set up a boudoir business from scratch.

Follow along with my training modules, and by the end of the 4 weeks, you’ll have…

... A solid, implementable business plan
... A profitable price list
... Business clarity and goals
... My complete boudoir session guide
... A stunning portfolio

And…most importantly…a new boudoir business that makes money and makes you happy!

Here's What You Get When You Enroll Now:
Week 1: "Laying the Groundwork for Success"

In our first week together, we’re going to completely organize your life and business goals. You will set benchmarks to hit in terms of both finance and happiness! This module includes:

VIDEO #1: Setting Personal Goals – This is the foundation for your success. We’re going to use your personal goals to not only build a profitable business…but to make sure it is a business you love.

VIDEO #2: Setting Business Goals – With this second video, we’re going to jump right into building your business. Together, we’ll come up with a plan to take you from 0 to profitable as a boudoir photographer.

2 Goal-Setting Workbooks – These downloadable workbooks will help you follow along with my goal setting videos. It takes all of the guesswork out of Week 1. You just write down your answers and you’ll be well on your way to SUCCESS!

2 Goals Collage Templates – If you are a visual person, these templates are for you! They’ll help you better understand your personal style and dreams so you can actually turn them into realities.

My Financial Goal Spreadsheet – I get it. Finances scare a lot of people. We just want to shoot! So I’ve made it super easy to just pop in your numbers based on how much you want to make. No more wondering whether or not you’re going to be profitable!

My “Monthly Money” and “Yearly Money” Goal Worksheets – Again, if finances scare you a little, don’t worry! These two additional worksheets make it really easy for you to figure out how much you should be making to meet your goals. You want a six-figure boudoir business? We can make that happen!

Recording of a Live Q&A Call – In this recording, I go over real-life goal questions from photographers just like you!

By the end of the week, you’ll be motivated and have a clear plan about what you want to achieve with your business…and how to get there!

Week 2: "Basics for Boudoir Shoot Success"

Our second week together is all about the skills you need to become a successful boudoir photographer. These are some of my most-requested lessons! Whether you are a new photographer looking to start out in boudoir or already have a photography business, but are looking to transition to boudoir, this module is for you. You’ll get:

VIDEO #3: How to Run a Boudoir Session from Start to Finish – If you are new to boudoir, you are going to LOVE this guide. I go over my complete method for working with clients in this video, so you know exactly what to do to make your clients happy and ready to spend money on your products.

VIDEO #4: Building Your Boudoir Portfolio – Your portfolio is going to land you tons of new clients. But what if you don’t have a portfolio yet? In this video, I go over exactly how you can build your portfolio, including what to put in it to maximize your sales.

VIDEO #5: Having the Confidence to Shoot Boudoir – Feeling a little unsure of yourself? That attitude will 100% affect how much your clients spend. In this video, I go over how to build your confidence, even if you’re new, and how to make sure that your clients feel comfortable too!

3 Downloadable Guides – The video lessons in this module are so important for your success that I’ve turned them into downloadable guides. You can print them out or pull the text up on your phone anytime you’re shooting to make sure you’re on the right track!

10 Best Selling Poses (Volume One) ebook – I’m throwing in one of my most popular ebooks! This guide will give you my personal recommendations for 10 boudoir poses that sell like hotcakes.

When you’re done with Week 2, you’ll have everything you need to start shooting boudoir, even if you’ve never shot a single boudoir session in your life! You’ll have the confidence and tools you need to make it happen, so you can focus on growing your business during Week 3 & 4.

Week 3: “Your Business Mission”

During Week 3, we really get serious and take a look at exactly how you’re going to grow your boudoir business from the ground up. We’ll determine your ideal client, write a mission statement, and implement a business plan that really works. During this week, you’ll get:

VIDEO #6 (part 1): Determining Your Ideal Client – If you don’t know your ideal clients, it is going to be nearly impossible to succeed as a boudoir photographer…but don’t panic! This video will walk you through the entire process of figuring out exactly who your ideal client is.

VIDEO #6 (part 2): Writing Your Business Mission Statement – Once you’ve worked through my ideal client lesson, we’re going to use that information to write your business mission statement together. This will be the backbone of your business and will be responsible for bringing in MOST of your sales.

A Module Notebook – Follow along with Video #5 and #6 using this handy downloadable notebook. It makes learning easy!

My Ideal Client Workbook – When we’re talking about your ideal client, you’re going to want to pull up this workbook. Just fill it out along with me, and together, we’ll figure out whom you should be targeting with your marketing so that you GAIN CLIENTS and SAVE MONEY!

My Business Mission Worksheet – If business plans intimidate you, don’t worry! I’ve made writing a mission statement really easy with this worksheet. Just fill out your answers, and your mission statement will nearly write itself.

My Handy Implementation Checklist – Feel like you’re falling behind? Get caught up with my implementation checklist! It will keep you motivated as you finish Week 3 and move on to Week 4, the final module in business camp.

Recording of a Live Q&A Call – I go over real-life mission statement questions in this call, submitted by photographers just like you.

When you’re done, you’ll be well on your way to finishing a new business plan that you can start implementing TODAY in order to start making money as a boudoir photographer.

Week 4: “Creating Your Perfect Price List and Product Offerings”

Stumped about what products to offer and – more importantly – how much to charge? Boy, do I have a module for you! Our final week together will be all about creating perfect profitable pricing (say that five times fast) so you can see your bank account grow! In this module, you’ll get:

VIDEO #7: Profitable Pricing – In this final camp video, we’re going to talk about everyone’s favorite topic: pricing! This is how you will make your money. If you’re struggling to make ends meet or just don’t know how to take your photography side-business/hobby to the next level, my pricing video is going to be your best friend.

A Module Notebook – Follow along with this downloadable module notebook, so you can take notes and – more importantly – take ACTION after the video is done.

Your Offerings Workbook – What products should you be offering to clients? We’ll talk about how to maximize sales, and this workbook will walk you through how to create your very own products and packages that will boost your sales.

My Pricing Financial Spreadsheet – Remember those goals I talked about setting in Week 1? Now, we’re going to make those goals a reality. All you have to know is how much money you want to make. This financial spreadsheet allows you to plug in your numbers so you can make sure that your pricing is going to allow you to earn what you deserve.

My Easy Pricing Template – Introducing new products? Want to raise your prices? This template will make it super easy for you to price your products for YEARS to come.

Finish this final lesson, and you’ll have a complete price list with all of your offerings – and it will be set up in a way that you can make the income you really deserve!


Imagine for a second, being able to ask your burning boudoir questions...and getting street-level feedback from other boudoir photographers like you who've gone through the same experiences...

Wouldn't that be an awesome resource to have 24/7 any time you need it!?

And when you need an encouraging word, you can help each other out like a tight-knit boudoir family working for a common goal.

Because that's exactly what we are in here, and it's been already been a huge resource for your fellow members... And I'm inviting you to be a part of it!

Again, this is a 4-Week Online Video Course. When you enroll, you get instant access to Week 1 and all of the bonus vides...

...oh, did I forget to mention all of the bonus videos you're getting?


Bonus Video #1: Killer Confidence Tips for Business Owners with Christine Tremoulet
Christine is an Avenger of Sexiness! What the heck does that mean? It means that she can teach you how to feel absolutely confident! By the end of this video, you’re going to be armed with tips that will quiet any self-doubt you are feeling so you can completely rock as a photographer… and in all areas of your life!
Bonus Video #2: Ideal Clients + Shooting Boudoir as a Male with Chris Scott
Yes, you can shoot boudoir if you are male! Chris is living proof that you can successfully run a boudoir business, and in this video he talks about the challenges of shooting as a male. In addition, we go over finding your ideal client, which gives you even more details about our Week Three lesson. If you’re struggling to fill your schedule, this video will help.
Bonus Video #3:Staying Focused + When to Say No with Jamie Swanson
My friend Jamie is amazing. She’s a mother, a photographer, and a kick-ass business owner who runs circles around most people. She gets more done in one day than some people do in an entire month! And more importantly, she loves her life.

So how does she have time for her business and her family? Well, in this video, Jamie shares her best secrets, including how saying NO can actually help you grow!

Bonus Video #4:Web Visitor to Client: Conversion Tips with Amy Gaerthofner
I put Amy’s tips into effect on my own website and…BOOM. They really work! I promise, if you listen to Amy, you’re going to start getting a lot more bookings without doing any additional marketing. She’s going to teach you how to make your website work for you.
Bonus Video #5:The Importance of Branding with Andra Barkey
Andra is the queen of branding, and a total bundle of energy. Every time I finish talking with her, I feel so motivated to get stuff done! When you’re starting a new boudoir business, branding is super important. In fact, if you don’t think about how you’re branding your business, it could be a mistake worth thousands of dollars!
Bonus Video #6: My BEST Tradeshow Tips and Tricks
Jamie interviewed me about my experience with Tradeshows…and these tips and tricks are gold. I’m going to teach you my EXACT method for booking dozens of clients with tradeshows, easily worth the price I pay for the booth over and over again. And on top of that, this video covers how to make money with tradeshows even if you can’t attend!
Bonus Video #7: Biz Camp "Week 5" - $97 Bonus Week!
Four weeks just isn't enough! You’re getting another bonus from me – a “Week Five” video and several downloadable resources that will teach you how to implement everything you’ve learned in my camp. Because my tips and techniques will not help you if you don’t actually take action!
Wait! Don't Risk a SINGLE PENNY!
Oh, by the way... You can my 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee... so there's absolutely NO risk to you! Here's how it works:  

 Join the course, and you get a full 30 days (enough time to go through the entire course) to test out the strategies and decide for yourself if this stuff actually works. If for any reason or for no reason at all you aren't completely satisfied, I insist that you get your money back! 

 Just send me an email and I'll give you a full refund quickly. But I'm not worried. Actually, I'm totally confident because it's the same stuff I use for my business, and I see how it consistently brings higher and higher sales year after year! 

 What's more, hundreds of other boudoir photographers just like you have already used these strategies with fantastic results! 

See if you've been in business for years, this new boudoir-specific stuff is going to revolutionize your entire sales strategy! ... 

 And if you're just starting out ... consider yourself lucky to have found this when you did! (I can only imagine what I would have done if I had these strategies when I first started!) 

It doesn't matter if you're in a small town. Or if you think your market is too conservative for boudoir. Because the key is to be classy and to give women what they want, how they want it. 

If you have your sales strategy in place from the moment they walk in the door, making those $7,000 will be a piece of cake, believe it or not! 

 Love and High Fives!! 
Molly Marie  

 PS. Please join now while you're still reading. Because interest is high, I'll probably raise the price again soon. It's happened before and it can happen again. These are my very best secrets, all of them.  

But you have to want to take action to grow your business. You have to put in the work. I can't do that part for you. If you are dedicated to increasing your sales every year, than this program is for you, and you need to take action right now. The sad fact is that most boudoir photographers don't succeed because they aren't motivated to make it work. Are you? 

PPS. You don't have to take my word for it either! Here's what others are saying about Boudoir Business Camp:
“Since your Boudoir Business course I have implemented the structure on all my portrait sessions. My sales are now averaging around $1800 per client! Can’t wait to go through this next course of yours!”
– Heather, Vallentyne Photography, California

“The worksheets that broke down how to price my products and services (how much to pay myself per hour) really helped open my eyes to see just how hard I was working and how little I was actually making per hour.”
– Sarra, Sarra Nelson Photography, California

“Molly helped me raise my sales x6 within the first week of implementing her pricing and tips. I truly can’t thank her enough!”
– Molly, Molly Silvernale Photography, Wisconsin

“Boudielicious Biz Camp was a valuable course that helped guide my business in the right direction. I recommend this course for anyone who is serious about their future success as boudoir photographers.Thank you, Molly Marie!!”
– Krisandra, The Lacy Lens, Indiana

“You are truly amazing at what you do and I can tell you love doing it. Saying thank you is not enough for what you have done for me. You are honestly an amazing individual and I am beyond blessed that you have given me the knowledge to help my business grow and thrive!”
– Marie, Walkowski Photography, Wisconsin

“The best part was having you help me make a plan and set goals, and then giving me the tools to reach my goals. Molly, you are exactly what my business needed, thank you!”
– Lori, Lori Lewis Photography, Minnesota

...But STOP...You Need To Think About Something... 
Listen I know all this stuff has gotta sound really awesome to you (and it totally is!) but I want to make sure that you KNOW that you do need to put in effort to make your business a success.

There is absolutely NO QUESTION about that...

I'm providing the best strategy and even the tools to do it with so you can shortcut your way to success, including everything you need, and you can even do it at your own pace... but nobody's going to grow your business for you.

YOU need to take action.

That's why you've gotta have a burning desire to create a boudoir biz that rocks. To make a difference for yourself, for your loved ones, and for your clients!

Because if you don't, then this course is definitely not for you. But if you do, and you WANT it, and you're definitely willing take action, then this is a perfect fit for you.


 I just have one question for you: Do you want to just "get by" or do you want to see your name up there with all of the success stories above? The choice is yours alone!