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Lucrative and Life-Changing Boudoir Photography, Book Review

Are you looking to connect with your clients better in order to give them, not just a great, but a life-changing boudoir photography experience?

I recently read a book on the emotional connection & life-changing powers of boudoir photography called, “Body & Soul, Lucrative & Life-Changing Boudoir Photography” by Susan Eckert of Susan Eckert Photography.

I’ll admit, I’ve read a lot of books on the subject of boudoir, human connection, profitable business, etc., but this book truly blew me away…

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As I was reading through I felt as though I was at a 1:1 workshop with Susan herself. The book truly connects how to create a sustainable boudoir business with intertwining emotional connection with your clients. Oh and did I mention there are GORGEOUS photos (these in itself could be an awesome guide for posing ideas) & 1:1 interviews with Susan’s actual clients! Those were really helpful in better understanding what boudoir clients crave & how to connect with them.

The book starts out by asking the right questions and helping you assess yourself. What are your strengths, weaknesses, etc., and how can you use those to help leverage your business in the right way?

Next she helps you hone in on your goals, branding, who your ideal client might be, determining your market, how to best position yourself in your market, etc. This part was genius because she doesn’t just give you a blanket idea she shows you how to look at your specific market and position your business for that. All of our markets are very different so it’s important to access yours and Susan helps you do that.

…but here’s where things in the book get really interesting.

She next outlines all of the possible different types of “ideal boudoir clients.” She goes through five specific client types, what they crave from a boudoir shoot, how you can go above and beyond for that client, etc. If anything, this will make it crystal clear for you who you want your ideal client to be.

There is so much more covered in this book too (seriously I couldn’t believe it)…

Here’s a peek at what else you’ll learn from this book:

  • How to run an in person sales session & how to guide their emotions throughout it
  • How to manage ongoing client relationships
  • How to set up your referral engine from Day 1
  • 10 Characteristics of a Successful Boudoir Photographer
  • The step-by-step process of leading your clients from book to sale that will leave you both happy in the end
  • Advice on couples boudoir
  • Different challenges women might face with their bodies throughout different age stages & exactly what they’re looking for in a boudoir shoot
  • How to pamper your clients throughout their entire experience
  • Different lighting set ups and the exact camera settings that go along with them
  • Tips for in-person sales sessions
  • How to ensure you overdeliver for your clients and leave them raving about you to all their friends
  • How to maintain client connection after the shoot for referrals and repeat customers

In addition to all of those topics covered one of my favorite parts was at the end of the book. Susan interviews a licensed therapist on body image, women’s emotional needs & the power boudoir photography can have.

I found this section to be very interesting and helpful not only in better understanding my customers but also in how to best market to them.

In fact the entire book was very helpful in better understanding what women really struggle with in terms of body image & how boudoir truly helps with that.

I know a lot of us like to throw around terms like: “boudoir is confidence boosting” & “boudoir is a pampering experience” but this book helped me find better ways to describe exactly what boudoir is and how it directly helps women overcome body image troubles.

I truly can’t recommend this book highly enough. For the price especially I feel like you’re getting a workshop on boudoir photography & a coaching session with a licensed psychologist on how to better understand potential boudoir photography customers. …and for around $33, you can’t beat that.

If you’re interested in learning more about “Body and Soul: Lucrative and Life-Changing Boudoir Photography,” you can visit the book’s Amazon page, here.

Have you read this book? Leave a comment below and let us know what you thought!

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