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Photographers, Here’s How To Better Manage Your Time

Today I wanted to hop on here quickly to talk with you all about how to better manage your time as an entrepreneur, a business owner, a photographer.

So here’s the thing. I actually sent out a survey to all my Boudie Babes, which is what I call all my amazing students on our email list, in our Facebook group, all that cool stuff. The number one thing that I heard was that the reason they weren’t achieving their goals is because they don’t think they have the time, or they know they don’t have the time. So I wanted to give you guys some tips on that:

  1. You need to set work hours. Even if you have a full-time job or a part-time job outside of photography, you absolutely need to set work hours, even if that looks like one day a week or one hour every day. Whatever that looks like, you need to look at your schedule and carve out that time.
  2. You need to absolutely talk with your family and friends and say to them “Hey, I’ve been wanting to go full-time in photography. This is a very serious thing that I’m doing. This is my work schedule. This is what this looks like. I would appreciate if you would respect that and know that I’m really serious about making this happen.”
  3. Figure out how to get more done in less time. If you are doing this part-time or trying to transition to full-time, you’re gonna have a lot less time. You will need to prioritize your time so you can get more done in less time.
  4. I want you to check out Asana. This will help you to start prioritizing.  An example would be you saying, “Okay, I wanna book this many clients this quarter.  So in order to do that, I’m going to execute these marketing strategies in the next 30 days.” Do that throughout your year, and then schedule each task.

Let’s do an example really quick.  If you want to launch your Facebook group, what all needs to come of that? Do you need a timeline photo? Do you need a giveaway? What do you all need? Then assign it to yourself or, if you outsource your editing or anything like that, to anyone who can help you with social media.  

So that is my time hack!  You absolutely need to set work hours, even if it looks like one hour here and there, right? Put it into your Google Calendar and then use something like Asana or Trello or Basecamp to task yourself these different things so you can get more done in less time.

So if you are ready to get serious about going full-time, I want you to comment “serious” below this video and tag any friends that you think would benefit from this video. Also, if you want more videos like this, go ahead and like Boudie Shorts on Facebook, because that is where I am sharing videos with you almost every single day.

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Molly Keyser

Boudoir photographer and business coach, I am dedicated to changing the world with the power of a camera. Originally from Wisconsin, I'm now in Texas, but I help photographers around the world learn how to go full-time with boudoir photography.