What is the Best Shoot Schedule for Boudoir? Molly Marie Reveals Hers

Have you ever wondered what is the best schedule for your photo shoots?

From hair/makeup to the viewing/ordering session, I’m going to share with you what I call, “my perfect schedule.” This schedule took years for me to perfect.

I’ll admit that when I first started shooting I wasn’t able to get a high enough number of amazeballs images in just 60 minutes (which included changing time). However, with practice I am now confident that I can knock out killer images needed for my $3k+ sales each time in 60 minutes or less.

Keep in mind that just because this schedule works for me it doesn’t mean it has to be your schedule. The glory of being your own boss and making your own schedule is that you can tweak it to your heart’s desire.

The main thing I wish for you to take away from me sharing my schedule(s) is that if you’ve been over shooting, your makeup artists has been leisurely doing makeup, or you’ve been taking far too long to edit then I want you to know…

…this CAN be done in this amount of time, I promise you. You CAN go from greeting your client to money in your bank account in as little as 4 hours, and here how:


Schedule for Hair/Makeup on Site:

1 hr for Hair/Makeup
1 hr for the Photo Shoot
1 hr for Client Break While You Edit
1 hr for Viewing and Ordering Session

Total Time from Client Arrival to Money in Your Pocket = 4 hours

Schedule for Hair/Makeup Off Site at Nearby Salon:

1.5 hrs for Hair/Makeup and Drive Time from Salon to Your Location
1 hr for Photo Shoot
1 hr for Client Break While You Edit
1 hr Viewing and Ordering Session on Site

Total Time from Start to Money in Your Pocket = 4.5 hours

The top schedule is the schedule I use when the hair/makeup artist comes to the site or to my studio. The bottom schedule is what I use when my client goes to the makeup and hair artist’s salon and then to my studio.

Either schedule is fine and as you can see neither one is “right or wrong.” I simply tweaked it when I needed to to fit my immediate needs.

So let me ask you: What do you think of my boudoir shooting schedule? What is your currently like? What will you change or keep the same? Comment below, I’d love to hear from you!

Love & High Fives!

Molly Marie

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Molly Keyser

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