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Having a variety of poses to show clients can definitely increase your sales… but if you find yourself going to the same poses over and over again, you aren’t alone. It can be easy to fall into a rut of being comfortable, rather than finding new poses that work well with certain body types and entice clients to buy bigger packages.

So it’s time for a little inspiration today! Let’s take a look at some awesome glamour pictures ideas and inspiration you should consider for your next shoot!

Sue Bryce of Sue Bryce Photography

Why we love this:  This pose can work for just about any body type.  Not only does it slim and hide the tummy area but it elongates the chest/neck area so women aren’t worried about their double chins that we’ve all heard about.  This is also a great pose to do when wanting to show off some arm accessories that may be sentimental to the client.

20 Best Glamour Poses from @boudieshorts (My favorite pose if from @suebryce)

Megan Van Aken of MV Photography

Why we love this: This pose is also great for all body types because it stretches out the tummy area, and by bringing the arms up it gives the pose more dimension so your eyes move around the image.

20 Best Glamour Poses from @boudieshorts (My favorite is from Megan Van Aken)

Stephanie Gomez of Stephanie Gomez Photography

Why we love this:  This pose is great for those clients that want to show off their legs.  Notice how Stephanie had her client point her toes, even though she was sitting.  This makes the legs look beautiful and long.  I also like that she placed the client’s hands in different positions and tilted her head to add angles.

20 Best Glamour Poses from @boudieshorts (My favorite is from Stephanie Gomez)

Makayla Apostolou of Kayla Jean Photography

Why we love this:  By popping the clients left hip and bringing the right arm up in her hair, it made a beautiful “S” curve in the body, which is the “rule of thumb” when photographing a woman.  The other great thing about this pose is the hair, whether she captured it in mid flip or had a fan on it, it makes the image move.

20 Best Glamour Poses from @boudieshorts (My favorite is from Makayla Apostolou)

Angelina McDonald of Angelina’s Boudoir Photography

Why we love this: Wowza! This image is rockin! This pose is showing off all kinds of angles but is also showing off this client’s beautiful back.  With her eyes pointing down, it pulls your focus to the back of the dress (and shows off her fabulous makeup).  The arms are on point!  I really like how her left hand is soft and not really in her hair and her right arm is lifted off of her body, again, framing the image nicely.

20 Best Glamour Poses from @boudieshorts (My favorite is from Angelina McDonald)

Jessica Lopez of Allura Glamour Photography

Why we love this:  LEGS LEGS LEGS…  Simply beautiful!  I know how hard clients will work to get their whole bodies into shape but this pose really shows off all the hard work they put into their legs.  Not only are the legs looking great but I really like how Jessica had her client put her arm behind her head to give it some lift and then had her other hand resting on her leg so it doesn’t look like her back arm disappeared.  (And let’s all be a little jealous of that red couch for a moment too!)

20 Best Glamour Poses from @boudieshorts (My favorite is from Jessica Lopez)

Shannon Ryan of Shannon Lee Photography

Why we love this: By bringing the client’s arm up into her hair and tilting her head into her hand, it makes your eye move around the image in a circular motion.  This pose is very classic and elegant and can be used on any body type.

20 Best Glamour Poses from @boudieshorts (My favorite is from Shannon Ryan)

Kat Gill of Katch Studios

Why we love this: The overall softness of this image is so beautiful but the posing is great too!  The client has her weight on her back leg which slims the front leg and pulls her hips away from the camera (which we all know will make her slimmer there).  The arms are very nice and delicate.  I like how even though you can’t see her back arm, you can still see her hand through the sheer lightly touching her body.  Her face being almost in portfolio makes it slimmer as well.

20 Best Glamour Poses from @boudieshorts (My favorite is from Kat Gill)

Mike Giovinazzo of Mike Giovinazzo Photography

Why we love this:  While he could’ve told his model to just stand with her back to him, he molded her into this beautiful pose.  I like that her chin is into her shoulder, and that you can see both hands up by her face and by her arm.  You can get many beautiful shots from this single pose with her eyes down, up, looking at you, away from you, and just moving around the model in this pose.  Pure elegance.

20 Best Glamour Poses from @boudieshorts (My favorite is from Mike Giovinazzo)

Elizabeth Woodcock of Secret Stella Boudoir

Why we love this:  While both of these poses are beautiful, the one on the right is super cute and playful!  I like that she’s looking away from the camera and smiling but I really like her hand placement.  By putting her left arm across her body onto her right knee it “hides” anything that she might be insecure about.  I also like that instead of keeping both legs flat, she took one and boosted it up giving the pose more dimension.  And I almost bet if you could see her feet, her toes would be pointed even if they were in some cute boots to make her legs look even longer.

20 Best Glamour Poses from @boudieshorts (My favorite is from @elizabethwoodcock)

Jamie Strehlow of Jamie Strehlow Photography

Why we love this: This pose is super simple but I super love it.  I like that the client is leaning forward but yet her head is tilted in the opposite direction.  This is giving her some awesome angles and makes my eye move around the entire image.  Can we talk about this lighting for a minute? Wow!  I like how by leaning her into the dark, it hides anything that she may be insecure about but bringing her face back into the light and make it pop is what really draws my eye in this picture.

20 Best Glamour Poses from @boudieshorts (My favorite is from Jamie Strehlow)

Celestina Ronquillo of Celestina Elvira Photography

Why we love this:  A lot of women don’t like to be shot straight on but this girl is working it!  You can see that she is popping her left hip slightly so it’s flattening her right side out and I like that her left arm is coming across her body.  Not only is it showing off her bomb bracelet but again, hiding any insecurities she might have of her middle region.  I also like that her right arm is up in her hair but instead of turning it into her body, it’s facing out, showing off her colorful ink but it’s making her hand do something very pretty and natural looking instead of grabbing her hair or cupping her neck.

20 Best Glamour Poses from @boudieshorts (My favorite is from Celestina Ronquillo)

Emma Jones of Miss Boudoir

Why we love this: Props are great to use when posing.  In this pose, the client is arching her back so she’s not slouching in the chair and by using her back arm up in her hair, it’s bringing more focus to her face.  I also love the camera angle in this pose because it brings her head up in the image instead of at a slant had the camera not been tilted a bit.  Very glamorous!

20 Best Glamour Poses from @boudieshorts (My favorite is from @msboudoiruk)

Missy Bachmeier of Blossom Boudoir

Why we love this:  This pose will work on any body type.  It’s not too sexy, it’s not too simple, it’s the right amount of GLAM!  The hand up in the hair is beautiful and she has her back arched slightly to push out the goods in the front and give her booty a little “booty-toosh” (if you’ve ever watched ANTM you’ll know what I mean).  Can you imagine if her eyes were staring right at the camera?! She would be looking right through you! B-E-A-U-TIFUL!

20 Best Glamour Poses from @boudieshorts (My favorite is from Missy Bachmeier)

Kara Carrier of Kara Leigh Photography

Why we love this:  Again, most women fear being photographed straight on but this is how this pose works for this… she had her client sit on the edge of the bench, then lean forward as much as possible to give the illusion of a smaller waist/hips/stomach.  Then she had her cross her right arm over her body and brought her left arm up in her hair which added more angles to the pose and if she had a lower cut shirt, would create more cleavage.  Also notice her face isn’t straight on to the camera which will slim the face.

20 Best Glamour Poses from @boudieshorts (My favorite is from Kara Carrier)

Lindsay Rae of Lindsay Rae Photography

Why we love this: Watch out for CURVES!  This pose is super chic!  I love all of the angles in this pose from her head right down to her toes!  Notice the small details in this pose… the elongated neck, the shoulders are not at the same height and neither are her hands on her jacket and the small hip pop… it’s all so stunning but it also makes your eyes move over her whole body taking in every single line change.

20 Best Glamour Poses from @boudieshorts (My favorite is from Lindsay Rae)

Critsey Rowe of Couture Boudoir

Why we love this:  This pose is so pretty.  I like that it has an innocence feel to it.  While I know this girl is leaning up against the window, you wouldn’t have to have your client leaning.  This pose could easily be done by having your client face away from you and instead of the left arm leaning, have it just hug around the body.  Again, the right hand is very natural looking and doesn’t look like it was posed to be there.  This is another pose that you could shoot many different shots of… looking at you, looking down, looking out into the abyss… the options are endless!

20 Best Glamour Poses from @boudieshorts (My favorite is from Critsey Rowe)

Denise Birdsong of Modern Love Boudoir

Why we love this:  Can we say Va-Va-Voom?  This pose is a great pose to show off the curves!  By putting the hips to one side and then the opposite shoulder and head in the other direction, this shows off all the curves a woman has.  I also like that Denise had her client dip her left shoulder back to give some more dimension but brought her left hand to her hip so her left arm didn’t get lost in the photo.  Also notice how she’s sitting up on her hip and really crossing her left leg over her right to really pop her hip in this pose.

20 Best Glamour Poses from @boudieshorts (My favorite is from Denise Birdsong)

Jenna Quiñones of Blush Boudoir by Soleil

Why we love this: This pose is great for any body type.  I love the angle that it is shot at because it slims the body down while giving emphasis on the face.  Also note where her hand placement is and that her legs are up on a wall to make it even more appealing to they eye.  For even more slimming effect, you can have your client arch their back a bit and tip their head back toward you even more than this beautiful client.  How fun is this Jurassic Park T-shirt she has on?


And let me end with one of my own photos, since I love this pose too!

This is from my studio, Molly Marie Photography
This pose gives the woman some angles. You’ll notice that there aren’t going to be a lot of “lines” that intersect if you were to draw them on this image. I made sure to put her arms at different heights and tilted her head and I’m also not shooting straight on. By shooting at more of an angle, this will slim the body.

20 Best Glamour Poses from @boudieshorts (My favorite is from @mollymariephoto)

And those ladies and gentlemen are our 20 Best Glamour Poses! (Please note that all photographs are shared with permission.)

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