What Email Marketing System is Best for Photographers?

What Email Marketing System is Best for Photographers?By now you’ve probably heard that email marketing is something you need to do.

But it’s super overwhelming right?

You need to choose an email marketing provider before you can even worry about growing your email list & creating emails to send out to them.

So let’s start at the beginning today.

I’d like to help save you time and break down some different email marketing provider options for you. We’ll look at pros, cons & even price.

Before I outline the different options & the best option in my opinion for those who aren’t sure why they need an email marketing provider I’d like to share with you why it’s necessary.

An email marketing provider allows you to build a list of your customers and potential customers so that you can reach out and email them with one click at ANY time.

What Email Marketing System is Best for Photographers?

Email is SO much more important than social media because you’re in charge! Social media can close down at any time and you’d be totally screwed for reach.

Where as if something happened to your email marketing provider you’d be find because you can back up your email list as a CSV file at anytime and then just go to another email marketing provider.

You OWN your list, you OWN your leads – social media doesn’t let you do that.

Furthermore email marketing allows you to market to your email list manually OR even automatically, you can schedule dates in the future for things to post. I would go ON AND ON about the benefits of email marketing so we’ll leave it at that for now.

So what email marketing provider is best for photographers?

1. MailChimp: Free-$199/mo

MailChimp is free for under 1,000 subscribers but in order to have more subscribers or to use any kind of automation you need to pay. MailChimp is easily the most affordable option but I personally think it’s very frustrating and not very intuitive to use. It also doesn’t come with many of the other features the rest of the email marketing providers below do that I’m about to share. If you want to auto send postcards or text messages or build pages you’d have to buy that all separate and integrate it where as many of the email marketing providers below include that.

What Email Marketing System is Best for Photographers?

2. Madmimi: $10-$199/mo

This is the email marketing provider I started off with. However I quickly grew to not like this solution – sorry madmimi! If you want something where you can quickly send a manually email that you can design pretty this is for you. But if you want an automated strategy this isn’t for you.

3. Click Funnels: $97-$297

Click funnels is my personal favorite right now and I’ve tried every email marketing provider on this list. Here’s why: Click Funnels page builder is EPIC. Not only can you build beautiful emails, manually send emails, send automated emails but you can also build beautiful pages for opt ins, checkout payment forms, and ANYTHING. Heck you can even build your website 100% Click Funnels if you wanted to!

It’s SO easy to use the intuitiveness of it is insane. Plus the other users are so helpful as well – their Facebook group is one of my favs. (ps. The link above is a free trial.)

Here’s just a snapshot of what else you can do with click funnels: send automated text messages, create pop up opt ins, create giveaway funnels to build your email list, create order pages, create one click upsells (so people can add on outfits, etc. and you can make more money per sale), and lots more.

Click here to get your free trial, my giveaway funnel & my boudoir specific checkout form for free.

4. ConvertKit: $29-$179/mo

I’ve heard great things about convert kit. You can manually send emails & automate them but from what I know there is no page builder – so you’d need to purchase Something like Lead Pages separately.

5. Ontraport: $79-$297

In addition to Click Funnels I also use Ontraport. Ontraport isn’t as easy to use as Click Funnels but it’s VERY robust. If you’re very serious about email marketing then this might be the right fit for you. Ontraport lets you send automated post cards, automated text messages, automated emails & much more. It also has a page builder build in as well. Although I will say I think Click Funnels page builder is more beautiful and easier to use.

That said Ontraport is a better deal at $79 because that price includes everything up to a certain amount of subscribers.

So after comparing and contrasting each won I’ve chosen two winners: Click Funnels & Ontraport.

Ontraport is $20 less and includes everything but once you try Click Funnels page builder you might be like me and see that it’s worth the $20 extra.

Check out Ontraport here now.

Check out Click Funnels here now & get your 14 day free trial.

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Are you currently using email to build your list & book more shoots?

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