The best albums/ boxes for boudoir photography

I want to talk with you about what I personally think are the best albums and boxes for boudoir photography.

I personally love White House Custom Color, I use them for my albums and also my boxes. If you know anything about my pricing or collections that I offer, I offer four different collections and in collections two, three or four you can choose if you want your photos in a box or an album.

I use the six by six inch black albums from White House Custom Color. They can hold I think, 10 photos or 20 photos and then I also use the eight by eight inch one. Now the reason I use square albums is because I like to have the photos either running horizontally or vertically within the square and then the background itself is just black. And I like to do this because then you don’t have to crop or turn the album every single which way, right?

That’s the album that I like and as far as the box goes, I like the black box, I think it’s five by seven, or it fits a five by seven sized photo and I get my photos mounted on styrene from White house and I put them into this black box and I get the one with the black, fabric box.

Now I know it’s really cool right now to put images on your box or use a glass box or things like that but my clients really like their photos discreet. That’s kind of the whole point, they can have this in their house and someone wouldn’t necessarily know what’s inside of it, right? It’s discreet, it’s private and it’s a gift. And that way too, they’re more surprised when they open the box and see what’s inside. I find that my clients just like things simple, clean, modern and it looks more high-end instead of having a floral pattern or something … I think the glass boxes are cool, I just think they’re not really for boudoir because they’re not as discreet as the black box.