Do You Need a Bed to Shoot Boudoir?

Did you know that the word “boudoir” means “bedroom” in French?

Now that begs the question: do you have to have a bed in order to shoot boudoir?

Here’s the answer: no!

Boudoir is whatever you want it to be. It may have started in a woman’s bedroom, where all the secret sexy scandalous things happened, but today it’s about whatever captures and creates a woman’s power in her own beauty. So if that’s done on a bed, great. If it’s not, also great.

Here are three boudoir setups other than a bed that I absolutely love:

1. Chairs

I have a few beautiful chairs in my home studio, but I’ve been known to pull in my chairs from my dining room! The two head chairs at my table are big and tufty and look really nice. I’ve also used clear barstools before. Literally, whatever works, works.

Can’t afford a bed for your studio? I’m sure you can afford some sort of chair!

You can use any kind of chair for a boudoir shoot. Antiques and tufted ones are the favorites, but, really, anything will work!


2. A furry rug

This is one of my secret favorites. It’s super affordable, super mobile, and photographs really well.

I got a furry white rug for about $12 at Sam’s Club, and I’ve had the same one for years. What I really love about it is how versatile it is: I can use it as a backdrop, on the floor, or as a throw on a bed. But my favorite is putting it on the floor and having my client lay on it. Sometimes I shoot from above, and sometimes I get down on the floor next to her and shoot from the side. It’s super simple and fun.

Or, do a floor shot without a rug! Honestly, a good hardwood floor makes for a beautiful backdrop, too.

A white furry rug makes for an amazing boudoir set!

You don't need any sort of furniture or backdrop for a beautiful boudoir piece. Check out how amazing hardwood can look in a boudoir shot!







3. Backdrop

Who doesn’t look a good backdrop! Backdrops are super fun, super easy, and can be really affordable. I have a few from Drop It Modern that are really nice and can double as my tablecloth at events, but I also have some that are just long sheets of fabric from the fabric store.

I’ve literally stapled backdrops to my wall before, and I’ve used individual backdrop holders. But my new favorite is a pulley system that lets me quickly and easily switch between a few backdrops. I don’t want to waste time during a session swapping out fabrics, so I invested in the pulley system and it’s been great! That being said, you don’t necessarily need more than one backdrop.

A fun fabric can make for a beautiful boudoir backdrop. Have one or a few to add to your boudoir studio!

Just like that, 3 setups for your next boudoir shoot that don’t involve a bed! These are great ideas for when you’re just getting started and are tight on money or don’t have a studio, or if you’re looking to add some versatility to your studio!

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Do you need a bed to shoot boudoir? Molly Keyser of Boudie Shorts doesn't think so!
You don't have to have a bed to shoot boudoir. Molly Keyser of Boudie Shorts has three alternatives!
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