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How Joy Mayfield quit her Full Time Job & Went Full Time with Boudoir Photography with Boudoir Certified

Joy Mayfield reviews Boudie Shorts

[Apply for Boudoir Certified here.] Speaker 2:                              05:02                       So today I am interviewing joy Mayfield. She is one of our certified students and she’s just doing awesome in certified program. Um, she is the owner of joy mayfield photography. So joy at what was your photography business like when you first started photography? So whenever…

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Boudoir Certified Sneak Peek Lesson – Shoot Workflow

Boudoir Photography Shoot Workflow

Want a sneak peek inside of our flagship program, Boudoir Certified? Here’s what this video covers: Why have a Shoot Day Workflow? Detailed Shoot Timeline Example How to Greet Them When They Arrive Sign Contract Show Prices/Products Choose Outfits Shoot Atmosphere What should you have in your shooting space? How to Shoot in 15-Min Bursts…

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