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The Change We Need to Make

The Change We Need to Make I’m talking all about our new podcast: The Art of Empowerment. I wanted to share with you what my story is, why I am doing this podcast, what our mission is and the change that I want to see in the boudoir industry.  My Photography Journey My name is…

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How Jessica Jones Transitioned From Weddings To Full Time with Boudoir Photography with Boudoir Certified

  [Apply for Boudoir Certified here.] Sarah:                                                                            We’re live. Yay. All right, so my name’s Sarah Sobon. I work for boudie shorts and I am interviewing Jess Jones. Sarah:                                                                            What is your business name? Jess:                                                                                 And my business name is Jess Jones Boudoir. That’s where you can find me. Sarah:                                                                            where are…

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How to Create a Boudoir Studio for Under $150

How to create a boudoir studio for under $150

We all dream of having a fancy luxurious studio, but does it really matter? Photographers often use not having a studio as an excuse of why they can’t do Boudoir Photography. No studio? No problem! Watch below to see how we set up a boudoir studio for under $150. All of the items are from…

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A Quick Guide to Facebook for Boudoir Photographers

Ever wake up ready to start your day by getting some clients from facebook (hopefully by using one of our awesome social media strategies) and find yourself unable to post, unable to comment, unable TO DO ANYTHING!?  You might have landed yourself into Facebook Jail. Recently I’ve seen a lot of people in our free…

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