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Anniversary Boudoir Marketing Idea

I’v been using shootq for my business for the last 4 years or so. I’m not here to try to sell you on using shootq by any means (although it is quite amazing). For me this tool has come in really handy in building my boudoir business. Although I’m no longer shooting weddings for the past few years I was doing 20-30 per year. Shootq saves info from all of my clients. From my past wedding clients it even reminds me when their wedding anniversary is coming up.

So we had this bright idea to email our past brides a month or two before their anniversary date! Telling them Happy Anniversary, asking how they’re doing and attaching this gift to them. I’ll send them a card that says “Happy Anniversary from Molly Marie. As our gift to you, the session fee is complimentary with this gift card! Give your man an anniversary gift he is sure to never forget!” We then fill in the info on the card as to the value, expiration date, and so on as well. This card could be mailed as a post card but since I only want the wife to see it I usually send it to her email address.

Not a wedding photographer?
Gather your current and past client’s anniversaries. You could also gather anniversary dates from potential clients at your event booth.

As the card states, the session fee is complimentary. When they call or email me for more info I tell them the following: “With this card your 60 minute photo shoot, and hair and makeup styling are all complimentary. You can bring as many outfits as you’d like and I will help you narrow them down to 3 for the photo shoot. After your shoot we will view and order your images in the studio that same day! This is something fun we offer that most studios don’t. Our packages start at $700 and will make a great gift he is sure to remember forever!”

*Note if you don’t do same day viewing or you don’t have a studio then I would recommend getting a $200 deposit that can then be used towards their order. That way there is still no session fee but you won’t get ripped off by buying a hotel room and then having a no show. You could always change the card to say complimentary gift with purchase, extra outfit, print credit, etc. Whatever will be a good incentive for your business and you.

Molly Keyser of Boudie Shorts gives you her tips on how to reach out to previous clients with your boudoir photography business to market anniversary gifts.


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