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Meet Our Newest Family Member, Franklin

Meet Our Newest Family Member, FranklinWe’re taking things a bit off path today and I’m going to introduce you to Aaron and my newest family member!

Meet Franklin!

Aaron has been mentioning wanting a dog for years.

We already have two cats so I thought this would be a terrible Idea. Let our animals out number us?! Uh oh.

But then I started thinking about how I work home alone all the time and how a dog would help me get out of the house more. I knew Aaron really wanted one so I tried to focus on the positive aspects of a dog and not ones like: having holes in our yard, picking up dog poop, hoping they don’t bark while I’m recording videos, the fact that my studio is in our home etc. etc.

So in December I thought what the heck let’s go to the Humane Society and “just look.” Yeah I bet you can tell where this led us 😉

The first dog was Franklin and despite his horrible behaviors when we first played with him like: nipping, jumping, not being potty trained, etc. we knew he was meant to be ours.

So after Christmas we took our pupper home with us!

Now I’m not going to lie the first few weeks we had him (before we started dog training) we thought.. What the hell have we done?!

Our cats were pissed at us and Franklin wasn’t even potty trained!

But now 3.5 months in an beginning dog training lessons under our belt we LOVE our pupper Frankie aka Franklin!

I LOVE having a dog to take on walks, play with in the yard & keep me company while I work from home alone most week days.

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Do you have a dog? I’d love to meet him/her in the comments below – post photos!!

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