A Quick Guide to Facebook for Boudoir Photographers

Ever wake up ready to start your day by getting some clients from facebook (hopefully by using one of our awesome social media strategies) and find yourself unable to post, unable to comment, unable TO DO ANYTHING!?  You might have landed yourself into Facebook Jail.

My face when running facebook ads

Recently I’ve seen a lot of people in our free group complaining about mean ole’ Sheriff Facebook putting them into “facebook jail”.  I hear some of you wondering what I’m talking about.  It is when Facebook stops you from posting for anywhere from an hour to a month.  And the more times you are a “repeat offender” the harsher the jail sentence. Eventually they just kick you off the platform entirely.

And to make matters worse, the more time you spend in facebook jail, the more likely you are to be going back to facebook jail.

It is not a good place to be.

Unfortunately when you look around at what other people are doing, and in some cases even teaching (yikes!😳), you see some very bad habits.  It is no surprise that more and more boudoir photographers get caught up in this cycle.  So I want to clear up some misconceptions and hopefully right some of the wrongs that you see to keep you out of Facebook Jail.

1. Don’t look like a scammer

The first tip sounds like it should be painfully obvious, but far too many people get caught up in this trap of having multiple facebook profiles.  It starts out because you think a backup would be a good idea in case something happens to the first account.  But you know who else uses this strategy?  Scammers, because they know that their first account will get banned because they fully intend to abuse it.  Facebook caught on to this strategy.  Now if you have two accounts, you automatically get put into this high risk category.

So do yourself a favor, and just use the one account with a good password to avoid getting it hacked or whatever the reason was that you wanted a backup.

2. Careful what images you post

Facebook has clear guidelines on what they allow you to post and what they allow you to advertise.  The quickest way into facebook jail is to hit the boost button on a provocative boudoir image.  Images that you can share on your page are very different from the images you can use with facebook advertising.  It trips up a lot of people.  Facebook lets you post an image, but they won’t let you advertise with that same image.

3. Don’t be a repeat offender

The worst thing you can do is keep trying to post the image that Facebook warned you about.  I tell people to try and keep a 10:1 ratio.  For every “blocked” post, you should be posting at least 10 approved posts.

When you don’t follow that guideline is when you get into jail.  The worse your ratio is the more severe the jail sentence.


Let me know your thoughts.  Have you ever been put into facebook jail?

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