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A Boudoir Questionnaire: How to Exceed Your Client’s Expectations

Going above and beyond for your client is key. If you want raving reviews, large sales and tons of clients then start wow-ing them. In order to wow them you need to find out what they are expecting from their shoot. This way you can meet their needs and then exceed them to leave them raving about you.

This is why I send all my client’s a questionnaire once they book a shoot with me. The questionnaire lets me know exactly what they are looking for. It’s filled with questions regarding the whole process.

You could get your clients to answer the questions via email, over the phone, third party service, or even just print it out and have them fill it out in studio.

My favorite services for online forms and other questionnaire form ideas:

-Shootq (has a questionnaire app built in)
-google docs
-survey monkey
-print it out and mail it to them (time consuming and pricey overtime though)
-email them an interactive PDF
-print it off and have them fill it out while they’re getting their hair/makeup done in studio

Benefits to a boudoir client questionnaire at a glance:

-learn what they are expecting from their shoot
-learn what they are expecting from you
-get a taste for the products they are interested in that you offer
-this will get your client even more excited about the shoot: invested clients
-you will begin to get to know that client before they even step into your studio


There’s no right or wrong question to ask, but I like to ask the following:

  • How she wants her hair and makeup done
  • How risque she¬†thinks she wants to go
  • Who the shoot is for and why she’s doing it
  • What kind of music she likes to listen to

And plenty more! This is a chance to make the shoot unique to you and your client, so ask whatever you want!

Want specific help with questionnaires? Want 1:1 guidance on how to build the best boudoir photography business? Check out my Boudoir Certified program!

Send your photography clients a boudoir questionnaire to learn how to exceed their expectations! The key to a successful and growing business, by Molly Keyser of Boudie Shorts

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