6 Ways to Use a Photo Shoot for Marketing

Every photo shoot is a marketing opportunity. The WORST thing you can do is just take the pictures, give the client her pictures, and walk away.

You need to maximize your marketing potential with each and every photo shoot! One of the awesome things about being a photographer is that your pictures alone speak volumes about your business. However, with these 6 tips, you can propel your marketing to the next level with very little time or money!

1. Before and After

I always ask my clients if I can take a before photo. It isn’t about making them look “bad” in the before photo- it’s about showing how pro before and afterhair/makeup, knowing how to pose, and using the proper lighting creates a beautiful portrait. You can post before/after pictures on Facebook saying something like, “Look what a confidence-boosting makeover and gentle posing can do! What a beautiful lady.” People are always amazed by the transformations. It makes potential clients more comfortable considering a photo shoot when they see that you don’t just photograph models.

2. Instagram

instagramWhile my client is getting her hair and makeup done, I take a few minutes to capture some of the details on camera. (I make sure to ask for her permission to take photos for Instagram. This is important if she doesn’t want people knowing she did a shoot OR if she is trying to keep it a surprise.) You can also snap a few pictures of her outfits, shoes, the hair and makeup session, chatting with the makeup artist, jewelry, the sets you want to use, or a couple of props. These pictures are so important for your marketing because they show potential clients an inside look at your studio and the photo shoot experience.

3. Testimonial

There is almost nothing better than a woman telling her friends she had an amazing experience and that they should do it too. Ask your clients to take a short video testimonial after their photo shoot (you can do this with your phone or iPad) and just to answer a simple question. You can ask her what her favorite part of the photo shoot was, or

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how she felt seeing her pictures for the first time- whatever will provide you with the best response. Sometimes, clients may not be comfortable with providing a video testimonial- no problem! If they share some positive feedback verbally, it’s okay to ask them if you can use their testimonial. Clients are usually more than happy to provide some form of testimonial when they’ve had a great experience.

If they say something testimonial worthy during the shoot I just simply ask them if I can use it as a testimonial and they always say yes! It’s so much easier then them having to take time to go online and think about what they want to say when they’re no longer in the moment of thinking it.

4. Referral Program

If your client is going to be picking up her order, it’s a great idea to give her a few referral cards to give out to her friends! You may even consider creating a referral program with incentives for repeat photo shoots. Word of mouth is a great way to market, especially for boudoir which is a very personal experience. Women will feel comfortable telling their close friends about their boudoir shoot, maybe even show their pictures, which can lead to future bookings.

5. Sticky Albumssticky_albums_iphone_photo_marketing-294x300

If you haven’t checked out Sticky Albums yet, please do! Sticky Albums allows you to create personalized apps for smart phones! You can create an app of each client’s pictures and send it to them via email for download. The client is then able to share that app with anyone they choose. You can personalize this app with you logo and contact information so that any person who views it can contact you. Another great thing you can do with sticky albums is add a referral card for the last image in the app so that your client is reminded of the benefit of sharing her pictures.

6. Questionnaire

After each photo shoot is I send each client a short questionnaire prompting her to tell me about her experience. I highly recommend having a post-shoot questionnaire for your clients. Some people aren’t comfortable talking about their experience in person, and this gives them the chance to write down how they felt about their pictures, about working with you, etc. First of all, this is really valuable feedback. If your client has suggestions, you should consider them. Also, this gives you more content to market. You can post a quote from her questionnaire on your Facebook page, blog, or in your newsletter.

There you have it! 6 ways to use each photo shoot for marketing. Make yourself a checklist of all the things you want to do at each photo shoot, that way you can’t forget!

So… my boudoir photography grasshopper… which of these 6 ways will you use in your next shoot to help market your biz? Tell us in the comments below. (My team and I LOVE hearing from you!)

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