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5 Steps to Calm Client Nerves

Photographers know just how nerve-wracking it can be to be in front of the camera.  After all, that’s why most of us hide behind it 😉 This list is what I use to calm client nerves and to address any of the following issues.  Have you ever had a client send you an email close to the shoot saying “I think I might have to cancel” or just not show up? If so, continue reading and I guarantee you’ll never have this happen again.

Step 1.

When a client inquires with you be sure to educate them on how the shoot process works for every step of the way. The more detailed the better!

Step 2.

Try to get the client to call you to book over the phone instead of email.  This will give you some time to get to know her, answer her questions and chat with her in a more personal situation.

Step 3.

Once the client books, send her out a Welcome Email.  Include ways for them to prep for their shoot, ideas on what to bring/wear, etc.  I’ve found that most client nerves come from not knowing what to expect.  Include an FAQ section at the bottom that might help address any additional questions they might have. 

Step 4.

Send out a questionnaire to your client to get her engaged.  I send mine out 1-2 weeks before the shoot to keep their interest and build their excitement. I ask things like how she’d like her hair and makeup styled, what kind of music she likes, how risque she wants to get, and so on.

Step 5.

The day before their shoot I send them a personal email (not a script). In this email I just tell them I’m confirming our appointment for the following date and time.  In this email, I just ask them if they have any other questions before the shoot tomorrow. At the end of the email I talk about how much fun the hair/makeup, shoot, and girl talk is going to be!  Then, I tell them I can’t wait to meet them and assure them that nobody that comes into my studio is a model and that I will coach them down to their fingertips.

In conclusion, it’s ALL about answering questions, educating your client, building excitement, building a relationship & engaging with them even before the photo shoot even starts. If you follow these steps you’ll be well on your way to calm clients and have fantastic photo shoots!

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Follow these 5 steps to calm your client's nerves and secure your photography bookings
Calm client nerves with these 5 steps to secure your photo bookings and make them amazing experiences!

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