5 Core Poses: What They Are and Why You Need Them

Today we’re going to talk about posing! Specifically, core poses for boudoir photography!

Do you want to feel more comfortable with your boudoir posing? Do you want to sell more photos? Do you want to have more clients? If you answered yes, then you need what I call the “5 core poses”!

What are core poses?

Core poses are the poses you shoot for every single client, no matter her size, shape, outfit, staging, whatever. They always work! Not only to they always work, but they always sell!

Core poses are different for each photographer. If you’ve seen my work, you’ll see it’s a little bit lighter, more on the conservative side (maybe? I hate saying that), and unique to me. My five core poses might be very different from your core poses! I’ll share with you what mine are later on, but I want to clarify that core poses are unique to each photographer. They are simply the poses you consistently shoot, consistently get great results from, and consistently sell, no matter who your client is.

Why do you need core poses?

You need 5 poses that you can repeat so that you can confidently go into every shoot. If you go in knowing that you have 5 poses that you can do in each of her outfits with each of the sets, and that all of that will give you a guaranteed good gallery to show her at the end of her session, that’s one less thing you have to worry about! You will for sure have at least 20 good, solid, sellable images by the end.

Not only is that confidence and guarantee great for you and your client, it helps prevent creative burnout! You don’t have to recreate the wheel for every shoot, and trying to come up with completely unique poses and shots for every client is going to exhaust you and it’s not sustainable. Instead, have your core poses, and then be able to play around and try some new poses with confidence that you have some solid shorts already on your camera.

How to create your core poses:

If you’ve already shot boudoir before, you want to look back at your previous shoots and identify which poses are easy for you to create, with popular with a lot of your clients, and consistently sold. Identify those, and those become your core poses!

If you haven’t shot before, start! Start with friends and family or host a model call to experiment and play around. Pay attention to what shots you keep going back to, what works and what doesn’t, and create your core poses from there!

The goal is to be able to go into every shoot with confidence and give consistent, amazing results to every client. Remember that your client doesn’t know that you use these poses on everyone, and even if she does it doesn’t matter! It’s like if you and your best friend got the exact same haircut: it wouldn’t look the exactly the same because you’re different people. The same goes for boudoir poses.

Have questions? Want some help? Schedule a strategy session with me or one of my coaches and we can answer any of your boudoir, photography, or business questions! Go to www.boudoircertified.com/case3 to learn more about my coaching program and how I help photographers around the world build 6-figure businesses in just 8 weeks!

Molly Keyser of Boudie Shorts walks you through her 5 core poses and why you need your own!

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