3 Ways To Make Your Client Comfortable During A Shoot


I wanted to share with you my three simple tips for making your photography clients more comfortable during your photo shoots.

The first tip is the welcome hug. You think I’m kidding, but I’m not kidding.  Once a client comes into my studio, I’m like, “Hi, it’s nice to meet you. Sorry, I’m a hugger!” and I’ll give them a hug instead of shaking their hand.

The second thing that I do is I give them a tour and I say, “You can set your things down here. Okay, this is where we do the viewing, this is where we do the shoot. Here’s the changing room…” and I give them a tour so that they are comfortable.

The third thing that I do is I ask them about themselves.  Maybe we’re going through their outfits or they’re in hair and makeup or whatever it is and I’ll say, “Oh cute boots, where did you get those?” or “Wow, I love your ring. How long have you been married?” I just get them to start opening up and talking about themselves.

So, I want you guys to know what my clients tell me.  They all tell me, “Oh, I was so nervous before this, but now after doing this it feels like I was just hanging out with my best friend for a day.”  So, I want you guys to know, these are the tips for making your clients your best friends: welcome hug, tour of your studio, and ask them about themselves.

I hope you guys like these tips!  Comment “best friend” below this video if you want to make your clients your best friends. Tag your photography friends so that they can benefit from this video as well, and be sure to go like and follow Boudie Shorts on Facebook so you can get more of these helpful, free videos.


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Molly Keyser

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