3 Tips For Great Facial Expressions


I want to share with you three of my best tips for getting really, really great facial expressions.

One of the things I hear a lot is that sometimes your clients can be a little bit overbearing.  They want to control the facial expressions, right? Then you end up with weird things like duck face, and no one likes that.

Here are the three things that I do to ensure that you, the photographer, are completely in control of the session. This will help ensure you are going to get fantastic facial expressions that actually look natural, beautiful, and gorgeous.  No duck face. Sound good?

  1. Looking down with the eyes
  2. Looking down the eyes, no smile
  3. Looking directly at the camera with a smile

Every single set or pose that I do, I have them do these three facial expressions. What I’ve learned is that at the end when I do the viewing session, a lot of people end up liking their smile, or the eyes down, or the serious face the most. Sometimes they may not like one of those poses at all. But this way, I have a variety for each pose.

So how do you get them in the pose?  Once you have your client in the set and she’s ready, you say, “Okay, great, now bring your chin forward and down. Bring your eyes down toward the ground. Take a deep breath in and out, no smile.” Then you take the picture. Then you say, “Okay, now take a deep breath in and out, eyes up at the camera,” and then you take a picture. Then you say, “Okay, smile,” and then they smile.  

Now you have three different pictures from just one pose and one set.  Try it out and see how you like it!  


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Molly Keyser

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