How I Booked 12 Photo Shoots from 1 Event

I wanted to talk to you today about how I booked 12 photo shoots in one day that all actually came from one event.  

I participated in a ladies’ night out event where you could purchase the table or booth.  I prepared a special deal that I would be selling at that event.  So, what I did was I set up and decorated my table where I presented the deal.  They got:

  1. A gift with their purchase
  2. The photo shoot for just $99
  3. $100 credit that goes towards the package of their choice.

We also had scarcity and urgency, such as letting them know only twelve or fifteen were available, and let them know they had to book it by the end of the night.  So, there’s scarcity (only 15 available) and there’s urgency (that you have to get it before the end of the night or the deal goes away).

We booked 12 shoots at one event, and we’ve done this so many different times.  You definitely want to do this!

Comment the word “party” below if you want to commit to doing this tip and putting it into your business.  Tag a friend because community over competition you guys!  We want to let everyone know about this awesome marketing tip, so comment below and tag your friends.

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Molly Keyser

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